King Koil Mattress Review - A Decent Choice

I've talked to a few salesmen about King Koil as a company and what they basically told me is King Koil mattress is not such a good idea. But since that comes from people who already see this company as an off brand, I didn't want to use that opinion of theirs and make it something 100% true and written in stone. While it's true that most popular brands are only few in numbers, that doesn't mean all others are not worth looking at.

Before we start with a review, I want to mention one thing. It's something I've already said, but a great comment from one of the readers reminded me to do this again. Jim made a great comment because he is from the other side of the field - he works in the mattress industry. And he said that for 1 bad consumers experience with the bed, there are 49 other people who are happy with that same model. This is a great way to convey one crucial thing - it's all about your preferences. If you like firm surface for sleeping, you will love certain models. Other people will choose beds with softer surface and will write a bad mattress review about the model you love. King Koil may be an off-brand, but it makes great products. Lets get into this a bit deeper.

A lot of 5 star hotels use products made by this brand. And huge number of people are satisfied with what they have to offer. The main product line is based on innerspring mattresses and that is actually the same thing as with other companies. Yes, memory foam and latex are more and more popular, but still, innerspring is the best selling type. The models are: Spine Support, Comfort Sensations, Perfect Contour, Perfect Contour Elite, Perfect Contour Extraordinaire, Perfect Solutions, Comfort Sensations Elite, and Luxury Escapes. Each one these has its own features and advantages.

What's Best About King Koil Mattresses?

The best thing about this brand, in my opinion, is that they won't fool you with all those weird names for the beds, features and layers. When you go out to buy a Simmons or Serta, you will have problems with remembering all the names they use to describe you one simple bed. And the number of layers, quilts and toppers they use on such a simple thing as sleeping surface is ridiculous. King Koil has simple and understandable production lines that you will easily understand.

For example, Spine Support uses three while Perfect Contour has five zone system. These means that there are 3 and 5 groups of coils that are placed in the areas that receive most pressure and use. This will help a bed to endure longer so no sagging will appear and you will have additional support. And you can find these in one- and two-sided versions. If you choose one-sided version of a King Koil bed, you will not have to flip the bed at all. It's quite simple, right?

Perfect Contour mattress by king koil

Next thing, the quality of these innerspring is very satisfying. The materials used are of high quality, actually all the companies use one supplier of coils. It's really tough to make a superbad product when you have all the components your competitor has. There are some tricks when it comes to production, but like I said, big companies are way beyond quality here. They are creating mattresses that will blow your mind so you can show your cash more quickly. The difference in support and comfort is actually not that big, but all the talk (promotion) makes them look like the only thing that actually works. But ask yourself, why is this brand one the market after all? IF they are so bad, how do they get their revenue?

Each and every model you choose from these: Spine Support, Comfort Sensations, Perfect Contour, Perfect Contour Elite, Perfect Contour Extraordinaire, Perfect Solutions, Comfort Sensations Elite, and Luxury Escapes; will give you a good support and will last you for a long time. The only thing you should do is to check out the compatibility between you and these beds. Try them out in the store - don't leave the store in 15 minutes. Stay on them for 20 minutes. EACH. Only then can you feel the change in firmness, how is your blood circulation, are your muscles being pressed to much etc.

King Koil also has Talalay latex mattresses. Natural Elegance is their model and I strongly suggest you try it if you have a bigger budget. Remember, you can get a decent bed for a low price. Especially at these times, there are cheap beds and discounts everywhere. It's easy to find a sale because few people can take a credit line to pay for that $4,000 bed. This is why King Koil is a great option, you will spend less cash and still get what you need for a good night of sleep.

King Koil Talalay latex mattresses

Visit retail stores, Macy's and Sleepy's are always there, but do find others who have models from this particular brand. You can try them out, see how they fit your body and get one. The warranty is decent and good people from King Koil will make their promise and make the replacement if necessary.

But make sure you read all the small print. You can't turn the product that has been destroyed by your own hand. Or that has been so dirty no other consumer can buy it ever again. I say this because I read some pretty interesting things. People thing that companies are responsible for everything that happens to the product after it leaves the store. You have to take care of the product you buy. I realize some of you don't know everything. Nobody does. But we have this wonderful Internet and you can read about almost anything. Check what options you have and what can you actually do with a bed set. Don't wash it in washing machine - it can't fit in there. And of course, it's not made for that. But I'm telling this so you can get the point. There are rules. If you don't know them, you have to make sure to learn them. You will profit from them, at the end of the day.

Beds from this brand are a good choice, I would say they top Englander and Kingsdown. The latex model rocks, so you should check it out if money is not an issue. Price is a big advantage for all other models here. They are not packed with features and all the layers and quilts like big brands have, but this makes them easier to understand and cheaper to buy. You won't go wrong here. Just make sure you are comfortable BEFORE you place King Koil mattress in your home.

I hope this review got you close to your decision. I encourage comments and would like to hear your opinion, experience or anything else.

I wish you all good day,