Dunlopillo Mattresses Review

Are you aware of the fact that an average man spends about eight hours in bed everyday, which amounts to 112 days per year, that’s nearly one third of the whole year. That's a lot of time spent in bed. So, it is completely natural to have a resilient and comfortable mattress to support you throughout the year.

If the bed itself is uncomfortable, you can’t be expected to sleep comfortably and that affects every other walk of your life. That makes all the sense to invest in a quality mattress that enables you to sleep comfortably and rejuvenate your body to face the problems of daily life. If comfort and support were the two most important characteristics of a mattress, you can surely expect a Dunlopillo mattress to provide the same. Inclusion of these comfortable mattresses enables you to make your bedroom as comfortable as any of the five star hotels.

dunlopillo mattress

It’s the latex technology of Dunlopillo mattresses that makes them offer heightened level of comfort. Dunlopillo makes use of Talalay manufacturing process that involves mixing of synthetic and natural latex to derive latex foam. Every Dunlopillo mattress is subjected to very meticulous testing procedure to ensure that it provides everlasting comfort to its users. The mattress comfortably embraces the contours of your body, enabling you to sleep comfortably without any tossing or turning in bed.

Features of Dunlopillo mattress

There are many features to a Dunlopillo mattress that enable the user to have a relaxed and comfortable sleep at the end of the day.

* Support for neck and back pain – Those with pain in the neck or back will be relieved to use Dunlopillo mattress as its latex provides the desired support while it moulds around the curves of the body of its occupier.

* Hypoallergenic – Latex, the material used for making Dunlopillo mattresses is characteristically hypoallergenic. This will be a very appreciable feature for those suffering from allergies or facing problems like asthma that are connected with the respiratory system

* No springs – The construction of Dunlopillo dispenses with the use of conventional springs that wear out after a couple of years and begin to poke thru the surface of the mattress.

* Keep cool – Dunlopillo mattresses are so designed that the latex in there has open cells that enables the mattress to breath evenly, thus maintaining its low temperature. The design incorporates a ventilated interior that helps to drive out any moisture content, leaving the mattress fresh.

* Dunlopillo mattress guarantee – Over and above all the great features, Dunlopillo matters comes with a five-year warranty, meaning that any defect arising due faulty material or bad workmanship will be repaired or replaced free of cost.

Dunlopillo manufactures a wide range of latex mattresses to fulfill different needs of its consumers. The Firmrest range from Dunlopillo is especially designed for people who like to have firmer mattress for support while sleeping, making it an ideal choice for those with problems in their backs. Dunlopillo Firmrest integrates Enhanced Moisture Management Technology to facilitate improved air circulation that keeps the mattress cool, a feature anybody would appreciate during warmer months. This mattress from Dunlopillo makes a great choice for those who like to derive an extraordinarily comfortable and somewhat luxuriant touch from the bed as it provides an extra soft touch stretch cover with an added cover of latex foam.

While finalizing your requirements of the most suitable mattress for you, make sure to check out the complete range of Dunlopillo mattresses.


Anonymous said...

we have a Dunlopillo Core mattress bed. It cost us a fortune, is very hot in the summer and has a very undesirable hump in the middle. We made a complaint, didn't receive any answer, can't stand it any longer, and will never buy another Dunlopillo bed.

Linda Fielding said...

I agree with the above comment. We bought a Dunlopillo mattress thinking we were buying quality that would last. The mattress has compressed so that a hump in the middle makes our bodies roll toward the outside. Will not buy this matress again.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the two comments above, but dunlopillo now have a spring range. I tried one out at myer the other day and it seems very comfy. Im thinking of getting one. Hopefully the springs stop it from dipping in the middle.

Anonymous said...

We have a firmest after my parent royal sovereign was amazing, deep and firm, but made about 10 years ago. The first firmrest was sift in places and rock hard in others. When we sent it back we were sent a new firmrest. This was completely different, smaller, much less deep and lighter. At first it was quite comfortable, but they now have no base support and dip where you lay. In my opinion they've tried to save materials here. We can't turn outs either as it's uneven and the other end is not flat. For the price we paid we expected better. We won't buy another.

Anonymous said...

Bought Celeste bed/mattress about 8years ago. Now sagging where bodies lay. £1800 for a new one. I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

After 2 weeks our KS Dunlopillo Kent Ultra Push bed at a cost of $4576 showed signs of the side walls collapsing. At 4 weeks the sides had collapsed.

After 9 calls back and forth with me chasing all the way Finally after 2 months and constant stalling the mattress was to be replace, but alas they turned up with the wrong size bed. So another 2 week delay. NOW at the 13 month mark the bed that was replaced is now also suffering from collapsed walls. I am about to start the whole process again.

Previously we had a top of the line King Koil bed from forty winks which after 12 years we thought was due for an upgrade. How much I miss that old bed. It was like floating on a supported cloud.

This Kent ultra push bed is soft and comfortable but unfortunately Absolutely rubbish. I regret I day we purchased it.

Anonymous said...

We also ,regretably, purchased a Dunlopillo Connoisseur bed The mattress has developed a nasty hump down the centre and on complaint to the retailer, a well known house furnishing firm of Ferndown in Dorset within the 5 year guarantee period we were told they could do nothing about it. Having used Dunlopillo mattresses for almost fifty years We wil certainly look for a different manufacturer and retailer for our next purchase.

Singapore said...

Gosh I thought I was e only one who faced e same same issue as bought it at ard 3000 but e middle kinda soften n sinked in.. Tried contacting them since within 3 yrs and they do not response or bother and I swear now I am seeing a chiropractor !! Hate them to e core !

brendon said...


i bought my Dunlopillo mattress "Acquario premium" at SGD 1000 on apr2014, it was a very good deal because this is the last few stock for "Acquario premium" and they are not going to produce this model anymore. It was very expensive a few years back.

I got skin allergic so i need Organic cotton. I do not like memory foam because it tends to change color white to brown after 3 years and also it tend to get hot.
Ta-latex is goood and durable.