Intelli-Gel Mattress - A Short Review

A friend of mine had since long been having difficulties sleeping at night. Often he would be awake for as long as his eyes would remain open. Consequently, he would feel miserable during the day. Sometime ago I suggested him to replace his mattress with an Intelli-Gel. Ever since he started using Intelli-gel he has been having comfortable nights and feels fresh during morning and lively during the day.

Of course, the price of this mattress is a big constrain for a bed with an Intelli-gel costs not in hundreds of dollars but in thousands. But, taking into consideration that it lasts for at least twenty years, that is about three times the life of an average conventional mattress, the cost per day works out to be very comparable to any other bed of good quality.

Before you go to buy an Intelli-Gel mattress, I suggest that you go thru some of the mattress reviews, and know before hand what you should expect. You will hardly find any negative remarks, but would know a couple of interesting and impressive features. The technology employed for making these mattresses is relatively new. Some of the top end models incorporate memory foam, the latest material discovered for making mattresses. You’ll also realize that many hospitals use Intelli-gel mattresses for beds of patients with problems related to pains in their back. It’s also used in wheelchairs.

Many of you would have used or read about inserts of Dr. Scholl’s “Gellin” products. Yes, I am referring to the same item that gives your steps an extra bounce and makes your day so comfortable and untiring. Now, imagine the same product being used in your bed! Aren’t you surprised, but it is true that Intelli-gel mattresses use this space age material.

As already pointed out the initial cost of an Intelli-gel mattress may be high, but this is no ordinary mattress. The extraordinary space age materials used for making these mattresses ensure a relaxed comfortable sleeping experience and you get up fresh in the morning for the challenges of the day ahead.


Anonymous said...

I have slept on an intelli-gel bed from intelliBED for over 10 years. The bed shows absolutely no wear and it is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. When my wife and I go on vacation we stay at very expensive hotels and can't sleep nearly as well as we do at home.
Our old bed was a Stearns & Foster that cost $4,000 and the intelliBED is 10 times better.

spc said...

why isn't intelliBED an option to vote on your site for best mattress? Please go to and look at all the 3rd party data they have that shows the comfort, support and durability features of this incredible mattress.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? This mattress sucks!!!!! These opinions must be from owners/family members.

I have been sleeping on an intellibed for five years. It has large indentations on both sides where my husband and i sleep, i only weigh 120. The middle of the bed is the only place that is comfortable. The gel inside has lost its shape. The company will do nothing for us because they think we should not sleep in the same spot every night. Idiots, how is that possible.

Now i am pregnant and begging my husband for a new bed. Do Not buy this mattress!

Anonymous said...

I work for intelliBED and would like to respond to the comment of January 29, 2011. Some years ago there was a 4 year lawsuit to stop a company called My Comfort from selling inferior product under the intelliBED name. That suit was settled in intelliBED's favor, but many people were told they were buying an intelliBED and they were sold a foamed gel bed instead. Those beds have failed. I would like to invite the person with the failed bed to contact intelliBED for a warranty review. There is no way we tell customers that are beds don't work if they sleep in the same spot. We would like to help this person if we can.
Thank you

hams john said...

Although I don't know about the TempurPedic mattresses, I am a BIG fan of the Sleep Number Beds. My wife and I purchased our bed about a year ago. We have family members and friends who have had their beds for several years now and have had no problems, so we were pretty confident in our decision. Since we purchased the bed, my wife's back problems have dissipated significantly. Tempur-pedic

Anonymous said...

I have had this bed for ten years and can't wait to get rid of it. It is the worst bed I have slept on,in the middle there is a big hump amd the side are sunk in,my arms,hands back hurt so bad from this mattress. My legs go numb arms and back.I have contacted them and they don't even get back to me, they have every excuse in the book as to not replacing the bed. My son also has the bed and a friend and they are all the same.They are overpriced with no warranty .Junk.