Strobel Supple Pedic Organic Mattress Review

If you were looking for mattress that provides support to you back and spinal region, you would do well to consider The Strobel Organic Supple-Pedic mattress. The manufacturing of this mattress incorporates high technology and is designed to provide support and alignment to spine. The producers and designers take pride of the quality of back support offered by their creation.

The company uses its Polyfilax memory foam for making the top of the mattress. This is a fluid material that easily conforms to the body of the user, giving it the near perfect support and comfort all over. It is interesting to learn that this material has the same characteristics as the one that was developed for the NASA space program for providing a pressure release surface for the astronauts at the time of lift off. That’s impressive, but there are other benefits of the Polyfilax material.

On conforming to your body, the material senses your body temperature and reacts accordingly. The organic foam mattress prevents excessive build up of heat. That’s because of its open cell structure that facilitates its breathing. But, then every individual has its own comfort level of temperature, be it hot or cold. Nevertheless, it doesn’t cause any excessive heating.

The patented "Lever Support System" entitles this bed for the best design for back support As per a study conducted by the University of Louisville it reduces tossing and turning in bed by 90 percent and offers proven better sleep. The working of a Strobel Supple-Pedic organic mattress is akin to a teeter-totter.

The other plus points are that it retards flame and is devoid of all chemical adhesives. In the event of the bed getting wet, separating the layers can dry it. So, that retards formation of mold and mildew. Further, its cleaning poses no problems. It can be vacuumed and you can make use of upholstery cleaners. Unlike most other normal mattresses that usually have a warranty of fifteen years, you get a warranty of thirty years with this mattress. People affected with asthma and other respiratory problems or those having allergy issues will especially find this of great help, as it is hypoallergenic. It further resists dust mites and is sure to keep bed bugs away.

The memory foam is available in three different thick nesses, facilitating an appropriate selection.

The 3000 is a 3-inch Polyfilax memory foam that is soft and comfortable too while it provides firm support.

Then, we have the 4500, which has a thickness of four and a half inches and is considered to give a better feel and comfort than the 3000.

The 6000 is the 6-inch thick memory foam offering the 2nd highest level of comfort. It offers softer and firmer support compared to the other two.

And, finally we have the 9000 that is the ultimate of the four.

It may not be wrong to conclude that there isn’t much of a difference the first two. That narrows down the choice to the 3000, 6000 and the 9000, each comprising of excellent quality of Damask organic cotton mattress cover that can be detached and cleaned.

The only apprehension you may have about this mattress is the tepid effect it could cause. Otherwise, it’s a decent quality organic bed mattress. It’s healthy to be using a mattress that supports and keeps the spine aligned while sleeping. Those with hip, shoulder or back issues, will especially find it very useful. Likewise, those affected with asthma or other reparatory problems will also find it beneficial. Those suffering from insomnia should be able to sleep better as this mattress eliminates tossing and turning in bed, and thus enhancing comfort level.