Mattress Reviews, Consumer Ratings And Your Choices

There have been many comments on this blog and they became a great resource for anyone who is buying a new mattress. Here and there we have some very different points of view and opinions that really hit the target when it comes to mattress market. I decided to put one of these comments as a post now and it's from a salesperson that says it as it is.

Stan is not the only one that deserves the attention of this blog, there were others before. You can find their opinions in the comments, but from now on, I will post a comment that I find very helpful to all the visitors. Stan's comment is fantastic and offers a lot of help. It's not product specific, but it definitely helps you develop a way of thinking when shopping for a new bed and mattress.

Here we go:

"Thank you Cathy for this blog. Let me first point out that I am a mattress salesperon for the last 12 years. I noticed that someone said:

1) "Go buy a mattress from someone that is not on commission".

2) Others have suggested 'the commissioned salesperson is only here to sell you the mattress with the highest commission'.

Let me shed some light on those points.

First, the person that is on hourly rather than commission is usually available at Sears, Pennys, or Big Lots. Not bad places to shop, but they usually will lack the knowledge a commission salesperson usually has. Do you think the person who was selling Lawnmowers, or Baby Clothes before lunch has any knowledge of what the right mattress is for your back?

When you put someone on commission, they are usually going to get paid more. But, their employers are going to expect more, and rightfully so. My employer expects me to go on my days off to learn about mattresses and sleep so I may serve you better. If you miss those meetings, you'll be out of a job soon on matter how much you sell.

Second point I want to make is every mattress has about the same commission. Give of take a few dollars. We also aren't out to just sell you anything and everything with the highest price or commission. Now, here is why: Within the past several years, the industry has gone from letting anyone exchange a mattress they chose in the store for just a delivery charge, to charging a restocking fee of up to 30% (and that's if the company even allows exchanges). Now, if a customer exchanges the mattress here is what happens to the salesperson:

They have to repay the entire commission on the first purchase + half of their commission. They now do earn commission upon the new purchase, but we are basically being charged back more than the original commission to help pay for this used mattress. If a salesperson new they had a defective mattress being sold by one of the mattress companies, how many of them would he want to sell if he was being backcharged if the customer doesn't like it? None, and that's why we try so very hard to get it right the first time. And once we feel you have found the right mattress for you, we do try to earn your business.

I think in our society today, we find it acceptable for people to blame others for the decisions we have made. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brother, bosses, coworkers, salespeople, and cercumstances. I say that because some people in these blogs state things like "I was forced to do this or that, or buy this or that". My parents raised me to believe 'If I made a bad purchase, I was to use that as a learning experiance and not blame others'.

Final thoughts: I own a Miralux for 4 years and love it. I have bought my Neice, Sister, and my Mother a Miralux, and plenty of my coworkers have one, and they all love theirs. They stand behind their warranty, and are a good value. They make lemons like everyone else every once in a while, but perfection isn't possible in any industry.

Do your research, and pick the bed you like and not the one your friend or family member likes. Your body will take time to get used to it just like a new pair of shoes. Always give it at least a month to get used to it, and never buy a mattress with out at least a 45 day exchange policy.

Thank you again Cathy."

That's the whole post people. Now, if you want to purchase a mattress from Miralux, King Koil, Serta, Englander or any other company, bear this enlightening comment in mind.


cambero said...

I must agree take responsibility for your decisions.

And make sure to take your time on your purchase do your research, and block out the "just leave a deposit, COME ON LEAVE A DEPOSIT" coming from that pushy sales person working for a commission. Mind you not all are a like, went to Macy's was treaty very nicely; visited Sleepy's and felt like at any moment they would just hold me up and take my money.