Sleep Number Bed - You Already Know About It

You should be pleased to learn that at last there is a company that lets you try its bed for period of thirty days! Yes, you can really take it home and test it for its comfort level for thirty days. The producers call it as ‘the thirty day challenge’. Here comes sleep number bed. Many people have availed of this offer and opinioned their views. If you are prompted to buy one, it will help to go thru the reviews of Sleep Number Bed as provided by the users. Here we go:

On going thru the reviews of a sleep number bed you’ll learn that this type of bed is good for allergies because the air bladder can’t hold dust mites and the covers can be washed. This bed offers the option of adjusting its softness as per your comfort, though it’s not advisable to be changing its level of firmness too frequently.

Sleep Number Bed

This bed also facilitates reducing the uncomfortable pressure points that can often cause tossing and turning in bed while sleeping. It conforms itself to the shape of your body to provide superior comfort and excellent back support.

Though a Sleep Number Bed is meant to accommodate two persons, it is designed to offer the additional advantage of adjusting its either side to suit the comfort of its occupier. For instance, you may prefer to have firmer bed than your partner, or may be one of you feels more comfortable at a higher elevation. This bed can be adjusted to suit the comfort of each partner. The numbers on the bed indicate the firmness of the mattress.

A review of Sleep Number Bed indicates that people suffering with backaches or other pains in the morning were helped by the use of such a mattress. It helped them sleep better. It has been observed that bad sleeping habits are often the case of such disorders of the back.

The limitation is that the density of the bed undergoes a slight change with changing weather and temperature. For example, if it rains, the mattress becomes a bit stiffer than normal, whereas if the weather is clear, it softens slightly.

Another limitation with use of such mattresses that people often miss to appreciate is that the air mattress used with such beds tend to lose its air over prolonged use and should be compensated for this loss. Surveys confirm that some sleep number bed owners reported frequent and rather significant loss of air. One reason for that could be faulty air pumps or connections rather than just the quality of manufacturing.

Users have also reported the formation of a trench-like cavity in the middle of the bed. This is especially noticeable if the two chambers of the bed are adjusted to different levels of firmness. Such trench could certainly limit the comfort of the bed and be detrimental to intimate relationship of couples.

A rather discouraging factor noticed thru the reviews of Sleep Number beds is its price. Consumers find it to be too high. But, taking into consideration that the bed is guaranteed for twenty years, it shouldn’t really be a matter of so much concern. Having known the plus and minus features of different styles of bed helps you to come to the right decision.


Monica said...

Really nice and great blog, keep it up buddy…Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this decent review. I was seriously considering one, and after reading reviews on another site i've grown hesitant. i would love to hear more feedback...

rh said...

I have slept in the "number" bed for 5 weeks and it is terrible. I called to return it and they sent me a thicker foam pad to add inside the bed (under the zipper top). It only made things worse. I have tried every conceiveable configuration (including 4 different pillows) and nothing helps. The "box springs" is a very hard plastic box. The bed is framed with 6" wide foam framing which does not conform to the mattress height/configuration/firmness. The air mattress is not very thick and the hardness of the plastic box underneath you is evident. After paying the very high delivery fee of $150, they now want a $200 return fee.

Anonymous said...

If you have a sleep # bed that is no longer working for you, you can add set it to firm and add an intelli-gel topper to it. This works great especially for people whose back starts hurting because they aren't getting good alignment support under their lower back at low sleep # settings.

Anonymous said...

We bought a Sleep Number bed last year. We were told we COULD try t for 30 days...(most all companies will let you do that-but then we didn't know this). What the sales rep at Sleep Number didn't tell us is we HAD to try it for the FULL 30 days! When the bed was first delivered, we watched the set up and our jaws dropped n surprise when we saw how cheaply the bed was made inside. It is no more than an inflatable air bag with ordinary foam pieces placed around it. As far as "number" neither of us found any comfort with that persoanl magic number setting. We were miserable no matter what number it was set on. Another thing we didn’t like was that when you sit on the side of the bed it sinks down really abnormally-and pushes up each side of the bed next to you like wings. This is annoying. There is no support on the edges of the bed to prevent this-yet in the store we didn't have this problem. We both simply hated the bed after only one week. We immediately called and wanted to return it...however, Sleep Number FORCED us to keep it for the full 30 days (they hope you will get used to it). We also had a restocking fee to pay...which we hadn’t been told about either. I would not recommend a Sleep Number Bed. They are not worth the price tag.

Anonymous said...

I was reading your blog as we try to decide on a bed for our son, and saw the review on the sleep number beds. I feel like I need to interject some solid information as we have owned one for over 5 years.
Addressing the main 'cons' in the review:
Air loss. This was an issue with faulty tubing and bad air compressors (the part that blows up the inner air chamber) several years ago. The first one we bought actually proved to have a leak in the machine about 2 years into ownership.
We called select comfort and discussed the problem.. long story short we received the BEST cust. service. we have ever had. How many other bed manufacturers (read the reviews on this blog) would replace essentially the entire bed? Select comfort replaced not only the tubes, compressor and air chambers (all under warranty) but also the plush top that covers the chambers. We were very satisfied and have had the 'new' bed for 3 years with absolutely no problem at all.
This is the only bed that can change firmness any time you need it to.. ie: through my pregnancies and my husband's weight changes.
As far as the inside I am not sure what people are expecting with a bed. The bed is very simply two air chambers that are surrounded by foam and and covered on top by foam and padding. This should not be much of a shock to anyone. As the inside of a traditional mattress is only a bunch of metal coils.
The 'trench-like' issue in the middle of the bed is something we have never dealt with (and my husband weight around 230lbs. while I am 130. If this were an issue I know that any piece of foam can be replaced in the bed- so if it sags, it can be replaced. I have never had that piece of mind with any other regular mattress that we have owned in the past. I lik being able to zip open the bed and see exactly what is inside.. and I can rotate the foam if I feel it is necessary (which I have not so far).
Yes, SC is expensive.. but in my opinion it is the best bed we have ever owned and well worth the price. If I could afford it, I would put one in each of my kid's rooms as well!

Cathy said...

Hi Anonymous :)

Thank you for your comment and very detailed insight in what Sleep Number bed has to offer. I think that there are too many negative reviews, not only on this blog, and that a positive feedback is more than just a refreshment.

I believe many people who are satisfied with their product won't go online and "brag" about it. And we all know that we'll spread the word quickly when it comes to a bad experience. You really helped people with your comment - anyone who comes here and reads your reviews will realize that Sleep Number mattresses are a valuable products and are worth considering.

Once again, thank you for your input.


Anonymous said...

I have tried the Sleep Number bed for the 30 day period and just called to have them come and get it. I never had back pain in bed before and since having this bed I have it every day - lower back, across the shoulders and in the hips. I did as the sales person suggested and tried different settings for at least 4 days before adjusting, but none of the settings was comfortable. The support just isn't there.

As to an earlier comment - it is cheaply made. When you watch the set up and see how little is involved, I can't believe how much they charge. The mark up must be incredible. By the way, although you can try it for 30 days, you have to pay for the shipping to return it, unless you take it apart, box it and return it yourself. If you choose this option, you are accountable it arriving in perfect condition. I decided to pay the $199 to have them take it back. On the up side, the gal in customer service was very nice and helpful.

Anonymous said...

Do not consider this bed. My husband and I purchased this bed and haven't slept well in weeks. I was appalled to see the cheap construction. It is so uncomfortable. We were told that we have to keep it for thirty days before return. There are so things we were simply not told regarding return. We were sent additional egg crate foam but who would think after $3000 this would be necessary. Let alone the hassle of the return policy which in our area is 200. We were also told that the adjustable part of the bed cannot be returned so we are stuck with that. Run don't walk on this purchase.


Anonymous said...

I purchased an I-8 Queen SNB 3 years ago and loved the bed. Just purchased a I-8 King and hate it. It's so firm you can't even feel the bed adjusting to my sleep number. I called the store and was informed to call Sleep Number and ask for a different foam which is comparable to the foam in my older i-8 bed. According to Rep, the foam was changed in July 2011. They are sending me 3" Foam Topper, TXL/Split EK, Ventilated, Intralux
to try out. If that doesn't help will send the bed back. Another problem, encouraged family member to get a SNB. He did and hates the bed. Sleep Number is not willing to send him the topper as "he needs to adjust to the new bed". He also states it is not the same bed he tried out in the store and I agree. It's not. Would not recommend the new SNB to anyone at this time.

Splooshman said...

I got a pre-owned king-sized sleep-number bed on trade that was older. As the mattress cover was a bit stiff, we added a quilted mattress cover with 1.5 inches of memory foam. We've owned it for about 7 years and love it. It does have a very slow leak of air... I probably have to adjust it once every few months. I have a really bad back, and love this bed. It's also really convenient to move or store, as it folds up in a nice little pile. Definitely would recommend it!

Anonymous said...

We purchased our Sleep # bed 5 months ago. Initially we loved it, I stopped waking with back pain, etc. However, over course of the past 2wks, I've felt as if I'm "rolling downhill" due to difference in numbers between my setting (45) & my husand's (35). When he leaves for his 3rd shift job, I crank his side as high as can go - this worked at first but now is ineffective. I have gotten up each morning with back, shoulder & neck pain. For past 2 wks I've had to sleep with pillow under my back and a heating pad; in fact, I get better sleep on my couch than this bed. I contacted customer service via email and was told for addtional cost, I could purchase piece of foam or zippered thing to help allievate my issues. I'm sorry but for $2200 bed, I shouldn't have to spend more to solve problems the bed advertises as eliminating. We are ready to "eat the cost" of shipping bed back to company for refund and view this as hard lesson learned.

jim j said...


Anonymous said...

My husband and I are currently shopping and it would be helpful if everyone posting would identify the type of bed you purchased. It is my understanding that there is quite a bit of difference between the models c2c3c4 p5p6 m7m9 i8 and i10. Just saying . . .

Anonymous said...

These post would be more helpful if the type of bed being commented on was provided - it is my understanding that there are quality differences between the Classic 2, 3 & 4, Performance 5 & 6; Memory Foam 7 & 9 and the Innovation Series 8 & 10. Thanks.

Michael Swatek said...

I bought an iComfort nearly a year ago and it is horrible! It seemed fine for the first five months but it has gotten soft and hurts to sleep on. I've been trying to get Serta or the dealer to help us get the problem fixed but they have said that they will not do anything to resolve the problem. Serta does not stand behind their products. Their warranty means nothing and they do not provide any service after they get your money.

Anonymous said...

We just took delivery of our Sleep Number Bed on Saturday and were not happy with the delivery charge but because my wife has family members that loved the bed we decided to go ahead with the purchase. When I watched the men set it up I commented on how cheap everything was and how hard the box is and thin the mattress was. We put a mattress cover on the bed and both tried our best to adjust the inflation to something that was comfortable but how do you make an air mattress conform to your body?
After several hours of trying to sleep I got up and went on the internet and found all of the negative comments.
The next morning, we got up (never did sleep) and purchased a pillow top mattress with same day delivery for about the same amount of money and we slept perfectly last night.

I have called to have the bed picked up and they wanted to charge an additional $159 on top of the $159 to set up originally. This isn't customer service but simply a sales company. If their product was so good they wouldn't have these excessive charges. I will have to pay $320 to return a mattress that I paid $1,100 doesn't seem very customer service oriented. You are not allowed to take it back to the store where you purchased it.

I'll even bet that most of the employees that respond "my sleep number is __ don't own a sleep number bed and have never actually slept on one!

I go rid of my perfectly fine Sterns & Foster pillow top for this because my wife thought it was time for a new bed. At least I now have another pillow top but it isn't a cheap piece of junk!