Buying Mattresses And Useful Reader Comments

I recently posted a comment for all people who visit this blog to see, and I am doing the same thing again. Why? Because people need to hear things that they can relate to. And they need to hear details, opinions of other people that are based on facts.

This is how we got to our second comment related to several brands of mattresses. Our commenter didn't state his name, but declared himself as a Helper. And so, here is Helper's comment, I know you will find it useful:

"I am so glad I found this page of reviews since (No, I didn't wrote this, he REALLY said this :D ) I am in the market for a new mattress. I was going between a Simmons World Class (that's their second level out of 4) and a "Sleep To Live" that is supposedly by Kingsdown. I have to be honest, when I did some research on Kingsdown's actual website and on the separate Sleep To Live website I found absolutely NO EVIDENCE that these two companies are even related-which raised the first red flag. I also found it strange that the "Sleep To Live Machine" (as one commenting employee called it)doesn't show exactly where your pressure points and problem areas are as opposed to another local furniture store that displays exactly which areas need the most support.

All it seems to do is display your name with a pretty color code underneath the plenty of advertising on why you should drop a couple grand on their mattress. After reading the majority of disappointed reviews on here I am surprised a company would boast about customer satisfaction and 15-20 year non-prorated warranties and be less than accommodating to potential return customers. Bad economy to be providing lack-luster service. So after the reviews and reading the introduction to this page about the Simmons pocketed coil system being what is in the Kingsdown mattress, I think I'll go with the more reputable company and opt for the tried and tested Simmons mattress. It's half the price of the "Sleep To Live" product with a stronger gauge steel (the lower the number, the stronger the steel), the store I am buying from (NOT Sleepys) has a complete description of what's inside the mattress and best of all-FREE DELIVERY! Sleepys charges some kind of delivery charge, weather it is delivered to the store or to your home! I feel like I'm making the best decision for me and wish everyone luck with their search for the best mattress for them.

And a few tips for mattress consumers from one who sold them for over 20 years... First off, I would just like to remind people that a GOOD mattress should be able to support the body, regardless of weight. Some people are 200 lbs. and are not considered "obese" because their height or build is different than what is considered "perfect" or "ideal". I found it kind of insulting that comments were made on people's weight being the problem and not the manufacturer's fault. (And I'm only 109 lbs. so I'm speaking objectively and from educated experience on mattress structure.)

Secondly, there is no specific "head" or "foot" area to a mattress (in most cases) so if someone told you the mattress has been installed backwards or upside down they are just making it up. The only way that would be a problem is if it was literally placed face-down and the pillow top would obviously be missing, hopefully raising a red flag. Most mattresses are now "no-flip" which means that you must rotate the bed from head-to-foot and foot-to-head every so many weeks or months as directed. This also means you will get 1/2 the life you used to out of a bed now because it is cheaper for these companies to make them "no-flip".

And last, no furniture store will ever have the same named mattress as another because the mattress manufacturers change the name of each model for each different store. This is especially frustrating when looking for the best price so I suggest getting the specs (if available) to make the best educated decision with the best price. I hope this little bit of information helps somebody out there :)"

I believe this kind of information WILL help and I truly hope there will be many visitors reading this post/comment.

That would be all for today, ladies and gentleman, I'll see you soon.



cambero said...

A lot of good information. Thank you for posting/re-posting this comment.

I specially found it frustrating, unfair, and certainly sketchy that models change name depending on the department store.

And I second it, "NOT Sleepy"!!!

Salmon Bear said...

Thank you for all of this hard work. I'm wondering at this point, is there, overall, a mattress that your commentors have declared as the best mattress company to go with? I have read reviews for several mattresses, and find that many people complain about the mattresses, but I'd love to hear more about what is working for most people. I realise we are all constructed differently, and have different postural issues and needs. What do people like best/have had the most success with over the years?

Again, thank you for all the work you put into this site.


Cathy said...

Hi Ronda,

I must say your question is very interesting. And this is because I personally wanted to discover what brand visitors of this blog prefer.

It seems that people complain equally to all types of mattresses and their manufacturers. And this is especially true when they pay a lot of money for the mattress.

If you read comments on Miralux, you will see that the number of people complaining is the same as with Englander or Kingsdown. On the other side, the same number of people praises their products.

I would suggest you TRY the mattress for yourself. Visit a store and lay down on a mattress. Salesman won't mind this, if that's your concern. Stay there for at least 15 minutes. And don't make a decision right away. Come back again and try the same mattress again. This is the best way to discover is that the right product for your body.

And when it comes to what brand works for most people, I would suggest you stick with the most powerful manufacturers: Sealy, Simmons and Serta. These three don't necessarily make best or cheapest mattresses, but they tend to be a bit safer than the rest.

I hope this helps, even for a little bit.


Andrew said...

While I do not recommend Sleep To Live as a selection (having tried their product) I would like to assure anyone reading this blog that Sleep To Live is produced by Kingsdown.

Kingsdown is based in Mebane, NC, one can see their facility on the right side of I-40/I-85 (if one is travelling from Raleigh-Durham to Greensboro, NC). The building bears signage advertising both Kingsdown and Sleep To Live.

Sleep To Live is a product of Kingsdown just like Sprite is a product of Coca-Cola. I hope this helps.