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Simmons is a company that helps us get a good night of sleep for more than 120 years. Any company that survived so long has something that people appreciate, like and are willing to spend money on. And to survive this long in a mattress industry means that you can find high quality products from this brand, the beds that allow us to sleep better and actually feel rested when we get up in the morning and rush for the coffee.

This Simmons mattress review will cover many of their products, and we will start with discovering some of the basics. Is it true that they do prevent back aches, neck stiffness and joint pain? If we say that Simmons is the first who provided us with king size mattresses that are now considered to be the most comfortable bedding in the world, I think that's a good reason to prove the value this company delivers to its customers.

Simmons is known for their quality of production and the effort they put in for making their mattresses. If you know a bit of their history, then you can't forget that it was they who invented a pocketed coil mattress.

There are 5 lines of products Simmons beds are broken down into. Each one of them is providing a specific conditions to their user. Lets review them a bit here:

First, the Beautyrest mattress. This is a model with pocketed coil and has a Triton foundation. It's best quality is known to some of you I would say - the opportunity to suppress a motion that is made on the bed, up to 55%. This is quite an achievement and a reason why a mattress from Simmons is so appreciated. The comfort of this mattress is one of the finest you will be able to find. The suppression of tossing and turning gives a sleeper up to 20% more effective sleeping time. This is not easily overlooked and we consider it an important factor when doing a review. This actually means you get more than one hour to sleep. All that time you waste when you wake up in the middle of the night, turn around and think about something that bothers you is now used for rest. No wonder people are investing so much time in finding a good quality sleeping surface, it will pay off big time for years to come!

Second product we would like to mention is Beautyrest Black model. This one is similar to the first model, with a main difference of having three in one coil design. The first model has individual coils only. You will be able to find layers of silk, alpaca, and wool with the latex and memory foam. There are plenty of options here and this line is considered to be a Simmons mattress luxury line.

Third, Simmons Natural Care line is an eco friendly line of mattresses that cares for you and Earth in the same time. Natural Care line products are easily sustainable and hypoallergenic - the materials are all natural and biodegradable.

Fourth, Comfor-Pedic Sleep System mattresses are made out of memory foam that adjusts to your body as you sleep, turn, toss and move around in your bed. One feature that Simmons decided to install is a temperature control. Quite unusual for a mattress, but as we said, Simmons mattresses have been and will be advanced products.

And finally, mattresses for kids, which are ergonomically designed for children. Human body needs most support when developing and this is why it's important to have a comfortable and supportive bed for you kid. Not only it will bring him a good night of sleep and sweet dreams, it will conserve his health and bring him up the right way.

Simmons bed reviews will give you even more insight in a quality of Simmons products. We will focus on specific products and bring you more details about them. Until then, read some of the comments users and customers are leaving on this site or post your own experience on a product you own and use.


Anonymous said...

I contacted Simmons Customer Service to advise them that we thought our matteress was defective. We were waking up with back, shoulder and hip pain. I e-mailed inquiry and photos of the lumpiness and sinkholes to the company. (mattress, boxspring, frame, etc purchased LESS than 3 years ago) Lumpiness and sinkholes not covered under Warranty!! The response I received was "Sorry we cannot review your e-mail due to SPAM" Huh? This is how they provide customer service? We will never purchase anything from SIMMONS Again. You would think that SIMMONS would be a little concerned about their customers and that their products live up to their advertising standards. Don't worry SIMMONS, I will spread the word!!

Anonymous said...

Simmons is the way to go!

Linda said...

Thanks for the usefull information on Simmon's Customer Service. I had heard this before and as I'm sitting here, trying to make up my mind about going back to the Mattress Store to choose another mattress, since the Sealy Natural PosturePedic one has been way to soft, I will definitely stay away from the Simmon's. Of course, now I have no idea which mattress to buy?

Would just like to find one that I can get a good night sleep, with my back pain and wake up feeling a little better. Not expecting a cure, but their has got to be a good mattress out there and don''t care what it cost to get this process over with.

We've just purchased the second Sealy, the first being a top of the line all Latex plush bed, only to get it home and it is 50% more firm than the one was in the store. We have been told that this won't change either, after sleeping on it for a month. They, Sealy, informed us that the quality control on getting all the latex the same is not perfect? Who would have thought that it would have been that much difference?

So, we got away from the latex, which is what I wanted for my bad back and arthritis, don't care for Temperpedic and bought a Sealy Natural Orgins, plush as it felt so good in the store. Only to get it home, sleep on it for almost 2 weeks and I don't feel the back support at all and the top is so soft that I have to hold onto the headboard to get out of bed. Now, I've got to go back to the mattress store and start to look again, not knowing what to purchase after all these problems. You have helped me to definitely not purchase a Simmons as I have heard about their poor customer service, so I thank you.


Anonymous said...

Having sold Sealy, Simmons, Spring Air, Select Comfort, and Englander the bed that I think is the lowest quality of them all is Simmons Beautryrest, their non heat tempured 15ga pocketed coil just doest hold up, you can expect the bed to go soft in the middle in a hurry. I purchased their firmer model with the ticker 12 3/4 guage steal, after less than one year I filed and was approved for a warranty claim, I got the bed replaced and quickly sold it. I then purchased a Sealy plush top that also got dips pretty fast, the up side is that the better coil system held up the padding broke down. Listen to the experts that tell you, brand doesn't really matter, limit the padding layers and get a topper that you can replace, go with a thicker guage heat tempured coil vs. a thinner (but more of them) coil. There is a reason your car doesn't use 4 thin springs for struts and ONE thicker spring.

I will never buy name brand again, I don't need to pay for someone's advertising and less bed.

Anonymous said...

I bought a Simmons Natural Care Latex mattress for over $2K, and it started sagging with less than 6 months of use. They refuse to replace it because there is a "small discoloration" on the mattress, which has nothing to do with the defective product! They are terrible! Don't buy!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I purchased a Beauty rest 5 years ago for 2K when we got married. Lately the mattress is showing signs of indentations where each of us sleep on the bed in excess of 1 1/4 inches deep. My wife and I are both active young people that are not overweight. I contacted Simmons and they said they would send out a investigator to look into it. The guy showed up, looked at the bed and left. I contacted Simmons a week later to find out if they were going to do anything about the problem. They informed me that the indentations were not deep enough for them to respond. If I wanted to look at it again, I would have to wait 3 months to apply. I asked to talk to a supervisor, and they told me I can expect a call sometime in the next 3 days. The way Simmons deals with its customers is dismissive and arrogant. The product that Simmons sells is faulty and poorly constructed. I have since heard many stories like mine from family, friends, and online. I now really regret buying a bed from Simmons.

DENICK said...

Our SIMMOMS WORLD CLASS MATTRESS purchased from MATTRESS EXPRESS in Rehoboth Beach Delaware went down hill at age 2. At age 3 we tried to get it warrantied. We had to contact MATTRESS EXPRESS in Wilmington Delaware. We were told we had to spend $55.00 to have an independant company come out and evaluate the mattress. So the man came out and put a stick on the center of the bedand measured it. He says nope , its inly 1 inch depression. I ask about the head and foot areas where the bed has collapsed. His response was that the MANUFACTURER [SIMMONS] does not consider that part of the sleeping area. I must have missed the fine print about sleeping in a fetal position.He also suggested sleeping on this bed for another year or so and that maybe then it would be bad enough to resubmit a claim for. I would rather invest $55.00 in painkillers!!!The thing that annoys me is that my job requires that I travel extensiveley, and in 3 years of owning the bed , have not spent 9 months of sleeping in it.Just remember, that is is MATTRESS EXPRESS in Rehoboth Delaware and the main office in Wilmington Delaware. They sell SIMMONS products and niether Mattress EXPRESS or SIMMONS are willing to stand behind the products that they sell. So next time someone suggests buying a simmons product , I will suggest that they sleep on a park bench. It may not be comfotable at first , but if you sleep on it long enough , it will be!!!

Andrea said...

We bought our king size Simmons Natural Care bed 18 months ago. For the first 2 weeks it was heaven sleeping on it, but then downhill ever since. Slowly but surely the body impressions began. Body impressions are now right at 1.5". Bought it at Back To Bed and went back for warranty replacement. This was 2 weeks ago and $45 later, I still have yet to hear from the inspection company. This bed is the worst. We had a bed we bought from Sam's
Club for 10 years that was better than this one. They say this Natural Care bed won't sag, but boy are they wrong!! We paid $2400 for this too!! Be wary....

Andy said...

My fiancee and I bought a Simmons Natural Care (latex), thinking it would be good for our backs, and the environment.

The mattress was fantastic for the first month, providing excellent back support. Then it suddenly began sagging on my side. I weigh 200 lbs, which is apparently too much for the latex to handle. I wake up every morning with horrible back pain. We're returning the latex mattress and are in search of something that will provide support for the long term.

Anonymous said...

Just bought the Simmon's Natural Care Latex after being impressed by the comfort and support of the bed in the store, and the mattress we got arrived with a measurable depression on one side (non-weight bearing). That area is noticeably softer (too soft). We were told by both Mattress Discounters and Simmons that since the non-weight bearing depression was not greater than 1.5 inches, that it was not considered defective! We are exchanging it for another brand, as we can not take a chance on getting another defective mattress. Buyer beware, the warranty is meaningless!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest NGX 400 firm pillow top in December 2009-delivered the week of Christmas. I have never had back pain and am now in excruciating pain on a daily basis. After having the bed for one month, there is a noticeable sag in the center-it is a king-size bed and we don't sleep in the center. I called the warranty dept and they sent a tech out. He measured but impressions have to be at least 2 1/2 inches for refund/exchange and the sagging they say is normal body impressions! There's no impressions where my husband and I sleep. I regret my purchase and would never buy a Simmons again.

Anonymous said...

I bought a Simmons Joseph Abboud Columbia Plush Mattress 3 years ago. We have been having problems with back pain from the springs in the center of the bed completely going out. We are basically sleeping sideways at night. I contacted the company in which we purchased the bed from. Since the indentations in the bed are less than 1 1/2 inches they will not send someone out from simmons to inspect the bed for warranty. They were kind enough to send out 400 dollars in-store credit towards the purchase of a new mattress. I would never buy a simmons product again. this mattress set cost over 2000 on sale. I had an englander that I bought for 400. that lasted longer and we still have it in our guest room.

Melanie said...

We purchased a Simmons Natural Care Latex Mattress (the caliment) January of this year. I can't go on enough about this mattress!!! I have never slept so soundly in my life! (we previously had a sleep number and I hated it!!!) I never wake up stiff or sore....I wake up rested and refreshed..and fall asleep within just a few minutes. Going to bed is a pleasure now!
There is NO sagging and it is still as firm as when we bought it! You'll find when you first lay on it that it is similar to tempur-pedic or memory foam with three very distict differences....The latex does NOT retain heat where memory foam does....It does NOT have any chemical smell unlike memory foam because the latex is natural....and it has bounce back which we all know you just sink in memory foam (try to change positions or roll over in memory foam...It's about impossible) And not to be crude, but I must say the natural latex mattress is fabulous for sex! It's firm, yet has's perfect!
It is worth every single penny you spend on it and then some! I'll never again sleep on anything but!
Wanna try one out for a whole nights sleep? Find a Harrahs hotel and casino...ask for a room with a natural foam mattress. It's another brand....but it feels almost EXACTLY like the natural care by Simmons. This was how I got turned onto the Latex!

Anonymous said...

I think there are different beds for different people. We purchased a Simmons Advantage queen mattress about 5 years ago. I love coming home to my bed. No sink holes, still just as firm, happy, and makes sleepy time my favorite time of day. When it comes time for a new mattress ... I'll take a look at all brands ... but will give extra kudos to Simmons. I LOVE MY BED!

Anonymous said...

We are on our third Simmon's mattress. The first two replaced due to deep impressions. The second replacement came at the cost of being treated like we were trying to scam the furniture store. Now on our third mattress and the body impression on my side is over 3" deep. I can feel the springs with my hands, so you can imagine how my back feels. We actually turned the bed sideways the wrong way to see if we can get some relief. I do weigh 200 lbs, and as other's say, that is obviously too much for these beds. I too emailed the manufacturer and they told me to return to the store I bought it at. I'd rather die than go through that again. What a waste of money. I'll NEVER purchase another SImmons. Spread the word, the beds are junk.

Anonymous said...

I had not read this page prior to my call to Simmons, however, glad that I found I was not the only person experiencing problems with their customer support...if you can call it that. Actually they do not have one. There were only two numbers I could find on their web: 1)was a voice message system where I left a voice message where they could contact me (and they never did) 2) was warranty. I asked the girl if she could help me. She said to talk to the retailer. I had explained to her that the retailer told me to contact her. So they were both giving me the run around and being extremely evasive. I asked her if there was a customer service number which I could call. And she said no.
WHAT??????????? So bizarre and strange.
My question was not difficult: what material is in the mattress and where does it come from. No one could tell me exactly and certainly and every single person I spoke to, whether Simmons or the Brick (retailer in Canada), were all extremely evasive, had only memorized knowledge of the product and not a true understanding of what it is, and were not in the least helpful.

Cynthia said...

My husband and I have a 5 year old Simmons Beauty Rest which we paid about $2500 for and HATE. Within 6 months it had formed an uncomfortable depression in the middle that neither the store where we purchased it or the Simmons warranty would do anything about. An investigator came and although our mattress had been covered and was a clean as new, said the depression wasn't deep enough to warrant a new mattress or any kind of corrective measure. We have suffered with that bed since because we charged it and it took a couple of years to pay it off - then with the bad economy we just didn't have the money to do anything different. The bed is now almost unbearable. I wake up every day with a stiff neck and numbness in my hips and legs. My husband has the same types of problems and we are not big people (him about 150 and me about 130). We're investigating Sleep Number and Intelligel beds. Every mattress is way too expensive but we have to do something to quit risking our health and well being every night due to the bed we sleep on. I will never buy another Simmons mattress again and probably never a conventional one either. Prior to this bed I slept on a waveless waterbed for over 10 years without any problems at all. I would look at them again but our bedroom is on the 4th floor of a split level house and we don't want the weight up there.

Lauren said...

My mother swears by Simmons mattresses, so when it was time for me to buy a new bed my mom was the first to voice her opinion. I still took some time to shop around because I wanted to make sure the I was choosing the right mattress for me. I finally decided on a king size Simmons Mattress. I work with 1800 Mattress so I used their services and could not have been happier with the results. They were professional, friendly and efficient!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, same as all the other blogs I have read. We had our mattress all of 2 weeks before I noticed deep depressions where we both slept, so bad that I had to grab the edge of the bed to pull myself out each morning. Back ache, neckache, headaches...... After much discussion, and having to put my bed on the hard floor to see if this made any difference, wait for several more weeks 'until we got used to it', it made no difference and was sent off for repairs. I cannot understand why it was not replaced, instead repaired, and again only one month later it is doing the same thing. After contacting the manufacturer again, we now have to wait yet again as no-one seems interested. It has got so bad that my husband who has now had back surgery, cannot sleep on this mattress while recovering and has instead gone back to our older (ten years old) and much more comfortable mattress to sleep on.
Customer service is poor as it feels like I am being accused of lying or as one rep said 'have other issues'. They have not even bothered to come and inspect the bed.
Also, I find this bed very warm to sleep in and unusual for me to feel this way as I really do feel the cold, but find myself having to put my arms and feet out of the bed covers even in winter.
Unfortunately Simmons does not seem to live up to their advertising at all. After speaking to several people I know who have purchased this overpriced mattress, it seems that no-one is very happy overall with their purchase.

KG, Tulsa, OK said...

We purchased a Simmons Natural Care Foam Mattress and it began to have depression after 3 years. We contacted Simmons and they sent a 3rd party inspector out. the inspector said, "in his opinion" the mattress "had failed" and the depression were deeper than normal body weight. Simmons sent a letter saying they would not honor their warranty. They say they don't warranty against "comfort" or "feel" issues.

I weigh 155 lbs and my wife weighs around 125, so neither of us are huge people.

After reading how many times Simmons has ignored the the warranty attached to their mattress, maybe it is time for a class action law suit against all the failures or maybe I'll just meet them in small claims court to see how they respond in court.

RUN FROM purchasing a SIMMONS mattress!!!

Tulsa, OK

mrmalcolm said...

I have tried them all.

The best by a mile is King Koil.

I have no more back pain after sleeping and I actually get back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night.

So many 4 and 5 star hotels stock these beds for a reason and now I know why.

Anonymous said...

I am going to start by Saying that on thursday September 22nd my husband and i bought a queen mattress set at BOB'S furniture for about $1,300. We were honestly feeling uncomfortable about our purchase that night when we arrived home we realized we made a huge mistake by going to the furniture store to buy "mattresses" we decided to go speak with a mattress professional the following day where else but at sleepys. As soon as we entered the store we were greeted nicely and felt welcomed by a very nice lady named Elizabeth Torrens. We didn't tell her anything about our experience and order at BOB'S we just wanted to see if we made a good decision at BOB'S. She told us to lay in a Body Profile machine so we did and we learned a lot of how important it is to choose our mattresses carefully and wisely. Elizabeth told us to lay down in varies of beds to show us the difference in each and everyone of them. She sold the product and knowledge like no other associates we've never came across. She knew her knowledge of products, she was honest and most important she wanted us to leave happy with a mattress set we were HAPPY with. NOT ONLY did we purchase the Simmons Mattress Set and our daughter a twin mattress set but we also CANCELLED our order with BOB'S furniture. When we decided to make our purchase we told Elizabeth about our dilemma with BOB'S she a big smile and told us we made the right decision by going to SLEEPYS. Elizabeth was very nice, knew product knowledge, thought us how important it is to carefully pick mattresses and made sure we left with a smile!! We were amazed with her customer service! THANKS SLEEPYS!!!! AND A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ELIZABETH TORRENS :)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have also has a TERRIBLE experience with a Simmons Natural Care "Willow River Plush" bed that we purchased from Sleep Country in Seattle. We thought a latex/eco friendly mattress was a good choice but we were sorely mistaken. Like other reviews I have read, the bed started sagging in the middle within months (maybe even weeks, now that I think about it). We thought the floor was uneven, we leveled it out and made sure the frame was level. We thought, surely it couldn't be this $1400 (sale price) mattress. Then, we thought it may just be defective. We called customer service- they were no help and even a bit rude, telling us it takes a few months for our bodies to adjust to a new mattress. We are average size people, 165/135 lbs. We are in pain every morning, and the bed is a total loss, we wouldn't wish this bed upon a friend. It was a poor investment and we should have done more research. DO NOT BUY A SIMMONS BED, the "20 year" warranty means nothing, the customer service is terrible. And shame on Sleep Country for selling such a crappy product with a b.s. warranty.

Cathy Givans said...

I have a Simmons. When it was new, it was probably a great mattress, but as it sits, it is older than I am (and I'm 30). It is definitely time for a new mattress. Really liking your site and it is turning out to be a really great complement to the other mattress review site I have been using :)

The Digtial Cynic said...

Do NOT buy a W Bed! It's a piece of junk after only 3 years!

My wife and I loved the bed at a W Hotel stay and were delighted to see we could buy the mattress online. It is manufactured by Simmons and was fulfilled by 1800 Mattress.

First off, neither of us believes that this is the same bed as you get in the hotel. Much softer, quite a letdown, but we decided to give it a try.

After just 2 years, it began sagging noticeably and we began to wake up with backaches. By the third year the mattress had become a joke, so I called Simmons for service under their "!0 year warranty."

Forget about it. They claim no defect, this is "normal compaction." They actually ask you to send photos of body indentations! As if a pillowtop mattress is going to show them.

In other words, it's not broken, it's just a crappy product.

Even the cheapest mattress should give you 3 years of use, and the W Bed is being sold (and priced) as a premium product. We're outraged at how bad this bed turned out to be and how Simmons simply shrugged at our dissatisfaction. We will obviously never buy a Simmons product again.

Beware! This bed is a total ripoff and if you buy one you will be sorry sooner than later.

Back To Bed said...

This is my assessment of Simmons mattresses:

Simmons mattresses in 2012 are usually high quality mattresses, but their quality can vary from retailer to retailer.

The fact is Simmons mattresses have at times proven to be not very durable. Mattress designs from about 3-6 years ago models that were expensive (Beautyrest Black, Beautyrest World Class) had thick comfort layers poor quality materials below below another layer of high quality material.

What happened? The low quality materials broke down and causes severe body impressions.

However, 2012 Simmons is the best major brand. They actually did change for the better, but MAKE SURE you know what's inside. Don't purchase a very thick mattress if it has layers of low quality materials.

If you're in Chicago Back To Bed offers an array of great Simmons Beautyrest MattressesSimmons Mattresses.

Good luck shopping make sure to do your research. It's the materials in the comfort layer that are the most important factor for a quality Simmons Beautyrest.

Anonymous said...

WE recently purchased a Simmons mattress and
we can't get a good night s sleep because of the
strong odor in the mattress. WE wanted a firm
mattress but I feel like I'm sleeping on the floor.

HazyMoon said...

I am in the market for a king size sleep set and as usual turned to the Internet to help me research the choices. I can't believe all the negative comments on every single site I come across, and it doesn't make a difference which brand I'm reading about, they're all the same. It seems out of all the major mattress manufacturers there are not one of them make even a halfway decent mattress if you believe all the comments. There must be something going on here, are all these comments simply industry driven spam? Is there really not a decent mattress on the market?
I should probably just buy a waterbed!

Anonymous said...

Hazymoon - you need to realize that most reviews are written by unhappy consumers - most folks who get what they pay for dont spend time writing about it - make sense? Each year there are millions of mattresses that are sold - count the number of negative reviews and calculate the percent of unhappy customers - tiny. Key is buying from a reputable retailer that will look after you if you are one of the less than 1 percent who get a defective product.

Nancy said...

I bought my mattress from Simmons Mattress way back 2009 and I still love it until now :)

Vernosifuel said...

The Miralux Legacy at my sons home was so comfortable last night (Oct 31, 2015) that my wife & I are looking to buy the same mattress, cautiously.