Sealy Mattress - Price And Quality

Believe it or not, Sealy mattress is on our beds for over 125 years. It's helping us to get a good night of sleep, get up from our bed early and feel rejuvenated. The experience behind each Sealy mattress is huge, and this is the main reason they are so comfortable and quality made.

We won't go into details and review each and every mattress now, we will only touch the surface with Sealy mattress reviews and go into details with another post.

The Sealy is currently pushing their PosturePedic mattresses which are designed with the help of orthopedic surgeons who gave the approval of these mattresses themselves. They suggested that firm and even mattress is best for human body, since it will not put a pressure on muscles, blood vessels and lungs.

Maybe you know this already, but if mattress is not firm enough, our body will fall into it and be pressed from several side. This is quite uncomfortable during the sleep and we feel the consequences after we wake up. You probably had this kind of experience, feeling like you've worked double shift when you actually spent 7 or 8 hours in your bed. When you sleep on uneven surface, you feel like you have been run over and need a massage to get your body back on track. This is why Sealy products are a great choice for your back, your mood in the morning and your health in general.

Mattresses from Sealy provide orthopedic correct support - they can react and respond to your body motion and successfully reduce the tossing and turning you make while sleeping. There is bounce and rattle mechanism that is patented by Sealy and every mattress that has it cuts the turning and tossing by half. Quite cool, isn't it?

Some structural advantages we should mention in this Sealy review are the steel center rails the people from this company use for the foundations. The box springs are not made out of wood just because the steel rails will last longer and be more durable to any impact. They will also provide more support to the mattress that's on top of them and this is something you want to have.

Another great thing is that the sleeping surface you can use is increased. I know there are some of you (like me) who like to sleep at the very edge of the bed. And this is why smart people worked hard and figured out a way to construct EdgeGuard - it has a firm edge which gives us more sleeping space. You got to like that. 

This is all we got at the moment. But stay on this blog for a while to read more reviews and user comments. Soon, we will talk about their PosturePedic, SpringFree, PurEmbrace and TrueForm mattresses and see what their advantages are. Until then, get some sleep and enjoy life to the fullest!


Anonymous said...

Stearns & Foster is Terrible! BEWARE!

Bed replaced numerous times.
Customer Service is rotten.
Buy any other bed other than this brand!!!!! Trust me or you will be as sorry as myself!!!!!

Cathy said...

I wish you told us a bit more details. I don't think Sealy is perfect, but when compared to other mattress companies, they are among better when it comes to bed quality and customer service.

But there are some horror stories, I am well aware of that. I just hope you can come back to give us some more details so the others would know what to pay attention too.

Thanks for your input anyway,

Linda said...

This comment is on two Sealy mattress's that we have purchased. Just to give you some background which I think is important, I'll start with this.

I have back problems, artritis and Fibromyalgia and have a hard time sleeping through the night and get up in terrible pain, even with pain meds. Our previous mattress was 13 years old, pillow top and served it's purpose well. We did all kinds of research for months, went to several kinds of stores, layed on way to many mattress's to remember to find the right one for my back, not to hard for the pressure points and not to soft, as to be hard to even get out of bed.

I will start by saying that this is the second Sealy mattress that we have purchased, from two different stores in the past 2 months. The first one was in the all latex Springfree line, called Brighton Hill Box Top. It was their top of the line in their all latex mattress's. In the store it was so comfortable, felt just right and purchased it. It had been on the floor for 6 months. They brought out a new one and it was so much more firm than the one in the store. We slept on it for a month, I'm getting even more pain and it was even starting to bother my husband who has no pain issues. They agreed to bring out another one, since their was such a difference in softness as this was suppose to be a 9 on the comfort scale. It was just the same, so they agreed to take both of them back and thankfully gave us our money back. The Sealy company, informed us that with a latex mattress that you couldn't guarantee that all latex mattress's would come out the same in the mold. This was never told to us and the difference in softness was at least 50% and they told us that it wouldn't change very much, since it was a latex.

Now to the next one! We swore off latex after that, even though that's what we thought would be the best. About 2 weeks ago we purchased a Sealy PosturePedic Natural Orgins/Calm Euro Pillow Top. It's very plush, with 7 different layers in the Euro Top. Felt great in the store, compared it to Sealy's top Signature Pillow top line and this one just felt more comfortable. We didn't buy it because it was part of a Nutural Line with bamboo cover, etc, it was just comfortable and felt great in the store.

After sleeping on it for the first week, I noticed that it would sink in quite a bit when I laid down on it and my back was starting to get worse. It is even hard to get out of bed as it's so soft that I have to hold on to the headboard to get out of the hole I'm in.

I am so frustrated with all of this. I now have to go back to Mattress Firm and look at the other mattress's and see if I can find something that is possibly not quite as soft. It's so difficult, as you lay on the mattress in the store for 30 minutes, go back and forth to other's, even not make the purchase then, try the next day, only to get it home and after a week of sleeping on it, realize that it's going to be soft.

I have no idea what to even look for anymore? I would welcome any suggestions as it seems like my husband and I just can't seem to pick the right mattress, due to my back issues anymore. I'm not expecting any mattress to correct this, but their has got to be one in between so that I can get a decent night's sleep and not have to pull yourself out of bed.

Hopefully this comment isn't to long to post, but felt the information was worth mentioning.

Thanks for listening and any help would be welcome.

Cathy said...

Hello Linda,

I am sorry to hear about your back, but that may be the biggest problem in finding the right mattress.

Have you tried Tempurpedic? Or any other brand that offers memory foam mattresses? These will remove all the pressure points and will provide good support. I suggest you try out Tempur-Pedic and then move on to memory foam from brands like Sealy, Simmons and Serta.

I hope this will help you,

Anonymous said...

mattress firm carries mattresses that they have played with so you cant go there and get one that has been made by the manufacturer if that makes since for instance the Simmons 575 NXG is there top line and its named the medallion it is supposed to have latex and memory foam but i tried the real one at Macy's it was very soft not as firm a wonderful bed but i missed the sale and went into Mattress Firm asked for the mattress they told me they have it and on sale so i looked at it and it had some print on the top material i said no this one looks and feels different they said that they had it made special just for them that they like to jazz it up a bit. and what was inside was completely the same. and the reason it feels firmer is because Macy's had there's on the floor longer that it had been out 2 months for them. While they just got there's new yesterday. Well i have been on mine two months and its still not like Macy's or May i say SIMMONS original. It dosent even measure the same its off by half an inch that to me is missing something from inside now i have to change it out because this causes my hip to go numb as if its a cheap mattress to the touch its very nice and very beautiful i dont know why its like this but comparison beside each other you can clearly see its not the same at all and they fool you with there low prices. i cant find one bed in there that matches any of the companies beds its sad that they would hurt people for a few bucks. they have recommended the Serta pure comfort PT. since i love latex since it doesn't send you in whole a year later like memory foam does. They said i should take it either that or Tempurpedic bed im afraid that now i have to take the tempurpedic since its the only one they haven't played with however i may measure to make sure isn't there anything we can do about this cant i get my money back or get them in the news paper and take them out with better business burial ill never buy from them again they just have knock offs i believe this is against the law and it makes the companies like SIMMONS look bad some people say they got a bed that isn't the same as it was in the store its because its probably not.. for instance they say STERNS AND FOSTERS IS HORRIBLE but i have three in my home my family loves them. and they still look new. I THINK WE SHOULD LOOK AT THE DEPARTMENTS WE BUY THEM FROM. anyway i have degenerative disk bulging disks and fibromyalgia and last menopause. so what should i get from them m going to exchange now. thank you..

Anonymous said...

Buy a reqular mattress - good quality firm but no frills like memory foam, pollow etc. Then buy a foam matress pad. you should be happier.

Anonymous said...

Don't buy Simmons! My back is aching every night! Considering either Sealy,tempurpedic, or a latex foam topper. Good Luck All!

Shelley said...

Sealy Posturepedic Reserve Bravo Firm: HORRIBLE BED!!! Purchached this king bed in July 2009 because of lower back problems, by Dec. 2009 it was already sagging on both sides. I bought it from Lack's Furniture, I ask them to come look at, over a year later, they finally came and the answer I got was "sorry, there are stains on the bed"! Really?? My husband does sweat but the stains are so minimal and were not there when I first ask them to come inspect the matress.
So, we are now stuck with a piece of crap mattress that hurts my back worse than my old cheap one did. Which by the way had a few sweat stains and did NOT sag.
I will never buy a Sealy again!!

elle blevis said...

Well, i'll tell you a bed not to get - sealy dynasty css. i slept on a sealy mattress at harrah's hotel in shreveport, la.several years ago. my dream mattress. i called sealy and was advised that the dynasty css had replaced the plush plus and basically same mattress. talked to the guy 3 times as was advised could not be returned. he was very convincing. the price was 1500.00 and i finally ordered it. firmest mattress i have ever slept on in my life. my bones ache. have slept on the couch for months. guy came out and checked - agreed it was uncomfortable and too firm but said i'd have better luck with misrepresentation. wrote seveal letters to sealy - was sent denial stating level was within standards or some crap. would not even exchange for a cheaper but softer mattress. so so disappointed. will never buy sealy again - beware.

Anonymous said...

As said above, buy a good, standard firm mattress (no fancy bits to break down or heat up), then fit a 2" latex topper.

Deepa said...

Is Sealy vitality plush a good one?