Trundle Mattress - You Gotta Get It Right

Choosing the right furniture is often a simple task, though at times you may feel stuck with a tricky situation. Having decided for the trundle bed that meets with your requirements, you start looking for an appropriate mattress for your new acquisition, but begin to feel exhausted. But, keep in mind that the mattress could make or mar the ultimate bed you might be having in mind. 

The very idea of a trundle is that it should roll under your normal bed and remain tucked in there only to be pulled up when you need an extra bed for sleeping. The designers have done a god job there by so designing it that it almost looks to be a part of the main bed and fits there neatly. The problem arises only when you have a mattress on the trundle that prevents the trundle from fitting it in the space allotted for it. You may be able to force the trundle with mattress to its allotted area, but doing so frequently is sure way to spoil the mattress.

Another thing you can’t overlook is that when the trundle was first introduced, the idea was smart and well accepted, though not really well developed. The earlier generation of these beds gave the feeling of sleeping as if on the floor within a drawer. Now, that may be fun for kids, but not really comfortable for adults. So, that led to the development of pop up trundle.

The man feature of the pop up trundle was that you could bring its level to that of a normal bed. If you have had experience of handling the old design of early pop up trundles you would have surely noticed that either it went up uncontrollably or it would get jammed and needed to be pushed out. But, all these were teething problems, often accompanying any new design.

With the growing popularity of the pop up trundle, new ideas were incorporated in its design. You could put the trundle bed besides the normal bed, and you get a perfect double bed. Here again, the problem arose if the mattress of the main bed was different than that of the trundle. People would often buy a different mattress for the trundle for reason of economy. The more expensive mattress was reserved for the main bed. That worked fine, except when they tried putting the trundle next to the main bed and the difference in the thickness of the two mattresses became noticeably uncomfortable.

As a result, it became important to have an appropriate mattress for the trundle. If you intend putting the trundle to good use as a means of extending your main bed, be sure to buy two similar mattresses. 

A convenient and practical way to get the best bed mattress for your trundle is to buy the one recommended by the manufacturer of the bed. That will most certainly ensure that the trundle along with the mattress perfectly fits under the main bed and makes a good double bed whenever required.