How To Buy Latex Foam Mattresses, Toppers And Pads

In case you are planning to purchase a latex foam mattress, you will find this article on latex foam helpful. Its crucial that you become aware of some important considerations while looking for a suitable mattress.

What is a latex foam mattress?

Latex foam is derived from the sap of rubber trees. The process is quite similar to that of beating egg whites to mix air therein. Likewise, the collected sap is whipped enabling rubber to absorb air, thus producing foam. The foam is then shifted to molds and heated to cure and harden it to get it in durable shape.

What are the benefits of these foam mattresses?

Latex mattresses last long for up to thirty years and more. They resist mildew, mold and bacteria. Unlike the spring mattresses they don’t develop a “dip” in the middle. Such mattresses provide relief from backache by distributing the weight evenly all over the mattress surface. As its core has holes, it provides more comfort by easing the pressure on pressure points in the region of shoulders, hips, and heels. Latex mattresses are available in thickness of six inches and can be modified for improved comfort by addition of extra layers.

Depending on individual’s comfort level, one can opt to have soft, firm or extra firm mattress by choosing the desired type. If you chose to have an extra firm variety but like to have the medium variety, you could add a mattress topper with cover to make it suitable as per your requirements.

What are the drawbacks?

Latex mattresses are rather hard and difficult to shift around. If you are used to handling a futon mattress you would know what it means! Though the foam is cleaned and washed a number of times at the point of manufacture, the new matters still continues to emit an odor, which of course goes off after a couple of days. People sensitive to latex should avoid using such mattresses.

Why is density and why is it important in choosing a mattress?

The density of mattress plays an important role to the level of its comfort and durability. The more the density, the more is the life of the mattress. A density of three to six is considered good for mattresses, whereas for topers the figure goes down to three. Normal spring mattresses have a layer of foam of one and a half inch thickness, which is very thin and wears off soon on getting compressed frequently on top of the spring assembly.

Why should you purchase a latex foam mattress over a conventional spring mattress?

After continued and prolonged use, the springs of a spring mattress get compressed and develop ‘dips’ in the mattresses, thus causing pain and stiffness in the back. Moreover, spring mattresses need to be flipped from time to time, so that it wears off equally from either side. Latex foam mattresses, on the other hand, need not be flipped and there are no springs that may cause any discomfort. These can be expected to last for at least thirty years, if not more before you need to replace them. Chiropractors, doctors and orthopedics recommend using latex mattresses, as they support the spine and maintain appropriate alignment.

How do you purchase one?

Visit Amazon or your favorite retail stores. Decide the size, density and type you like to have. You may buy from one of them or check out some additional sites by making a Google search on “latex foam mattresses”. Whenever you order online, the mattress is delivered right at your door.


These products provide utmost comfort and are very durable. When compared to spring mattresses they are cheaper and you need not buy any box spring for these. Manufacturers strongly suggest using a hard surface beneath the mattress. For more information on these products including their prices and sizes you can check with any of the resources listed here and may choose to order a perfect be for you.


More On Duxiana And A Special Offer For This Blog Visitors

Two years ago we brought you a review of DUXIANA, high quality bed manufacturer from Sweden, Europe. We think it's time to take a look at what they offer today and let you decide are they a good match for your needs.

But, first things first. Lets have a few words on Xupport Top Pad, the offer DUXIANA Representative made to Mattress Reviews blog visitors, the review on what they have to offer within their new Bed For Life Collection and a quick look on their best selling model in 2011.

To sum it up:

1. Bed For Life Collection

2. Xupport Top Pad

3. Offer for current DUXIANA customers

4. Best Selling Model

5. Testimonials From People Who Sleep On DUXIANA Beds

Bed For Life Collection

In this part, we're going to present you with what the new collection from DUXIANA has to offer. The next part of this blog post is a part of a press release, which contains all the necessary information about this collection.

"The DUX Bed For Life® Collection is sold exclusively in DUXIANA stores throughout the United States. The new Collection highlights The DUX 818, which provides a unique security compartment that contains a handheld fire extinguisher and can also be used to hold other valuables.

The new Collection includes a DUX “introductory model” as well as a bed with individual adjustable lumbar support. The beds in the collection range in price from $3,405 to $11,970, and are all handcrafted from the finest materials by European artisans. All beds include DUXIANA’s ultra-comfortable Xupport Top Pad, standard legs, white glove delivery service and a drawstring delivery and storage bag.

“We are very proud to release our new Bed For Life Collection, which reflects both the 85 year heritage of the handcrafted DUX Bed as well as our many technological innovations,” said Bo Gustafsson, the President of DUX Bed North America. “These beds are unsurpassed in quality and comfort, and will provide the most relaxing night’s sleep imaginable.”

Each bed in The Bed For Life Collection is handcrafted around DUXIANA’s highly regarded spring mattress system. Each mattress has two layers of five inch springs forged from the highest quality Swedish steel. Depending on the model, the beds contain two to four times as many springs as an ordinary bed.

The DUX spring system includes a series of springs that are engineered to dynamically interlock with each other, providing a honeycomb effect that offers both support and comfort. Almost two miles of fine steel wire are handcrafted to make the DUX spring system. More springs provide better contouring for your body, supporting concave areas such as your lower back and reducing pressure points which can help improve circulation.

Two of the models in The Bed For Life collection showcase DUXIANA’s Pascal Personal Comfort Zone System, which allows each sleeper to customize his or her side of the bed to support individual body shape and needs. The Pascal System offers a series of interchangeable spring cassettes of different densities, including soft, medium and firm. Using the Pascal system, each sleeper can select the perfect setting for shoulders, lower back, hips and legs.

Another innovation that is featured only on The DUX 818 is an independently adjustable lumbar support system. The lumbar support system provides personalized support for the lower back, adjusting to a level that is comfortable for a sleeper on each side of the bed. The system is controlled by a crank inserted as the foot of each side of the bed. The crank can adjust the height of the mattress in the lumbar area up to one and one half inches.

The beds within The DUX Bed For Life Collection include:

The DUX 818, the ultimate in luxury and comfort, contains thousands of interlocking springs (between 4,000 and 5,000) that hold your body in supportive sleep posture. The DUX 818 features the Pascal Personal Comfort Zone System, as well as the independently adjustable lumbar support system. The DUX 818 showcases DUXIANA’s new built-in safety compartment, which includes a handheld fire extinguisher you can use in case of emergency to extinguish a small fire. You can also store other valuables in the pocket.

The DUX 212 offers classic DUX support with deeper springs for added contouring, in addition to the customizable Pascal Personal Comfort Zone System.

The DUX 010 is the perfect introduction to the legendary DUX sleep system, with the same interlocking spring technology as the 212 and 818. The DUX 010 is available in custom sizes.

The DUX Axion combines the benefits of the DUX sleep system with the elevation capabilities of an adjustable bed.

The Bed For Life Collection will soon be offered on the new DUX web shop, which will go live in early 2012."

Xupport Top Pad

Visitors of this blog had some concerns and complains on the Top Pad so we thought it would be a great idea to get some inside information. We have to say we got a great response from a DUXIANA Representative, Scott, who explained few things to us, gave us some information we couldn't obtain otherwise and was very helpful in general.

We're going to quote him so you can get the best from our conversation on the Xupport Top Pad.

Scott: "I also want to address the concerns that have been expressed with the Xupport Top Pad. I want to clarify that the Top Pad is included in the initial purchase of the bed. When a bed is purchased, we stress the fact that proper care and maintenance of the top pad is very important to its longevity. Because the top of The DUX Bed will wear more rapidly than steel coils, the removable top pad is designed to be replaced when it wears out. The life of a top pad will vary from one sleeper to the next as each person’s sleep environment and sleep habits are unique. To help extend the life of your top pad you should turn and rotate it monthly; this will help the top pad wear more evenly. Many of our customers keep their DUX Beds for 20 years or more, and simply replace the top pad every few years or so."

And this leads us to...

Offer for current DUXIANA customers and Mattress Reviews visitors

Scott also helped us help you - a special 10% offer on new Top Pad purchases to all current owners of DUXIANA beds.

If you're interested in this, just send an email to clientservices (at) DUXIANA.com and provide them with the warranty id number you received when you purchased your DUX Bed. Besides the special 10% offer if you purchase a new Top Pad, the good people from DUXIANA will address your top pad issues on a case-by-case basis. We at Mattress Reviews think this is great and it shows how much this company cares about their clients.

What you have to do to get the special 10% offer?

Send the following information to clientservices@DUXIANA.com:

1. DUX Bed warranty number (required)

2. First/Last name

3. Address

4. Phone number

5. State that you would like to receive 10% off the purchase of a new DUX Top Pad and that you found this offer on Mattress-Reviews.blogspot.com.

Best Selling Model

The best selling model in 2011 is the newly released DUX 818. This model offers an independently adjustable lumbar support system that provides personalized support for the lower back, adjusting to a level that is comfortable for a sleeper on each side of the bed.

Besides this incredible feature, DUX 818 has a built-in safety compartment, which includes a handheld fire extinguisher. A bit unusual, we have to admit, but it will be very useful in case of emergency. Of course, you can use this compartment to store anything you want.

Testimonials From People Who Sleep In DUXIANA Beds

At the end of this post, we give you some of the newest testimonials from DUXIANA customers. Our readers know that we like to have a lot of user reviews and customer experiences on this blog. And you can find a good number of reader comments on this blog that speak a lot about the brand. Here is what people who bought DUXIANA have to say:

“I’ve spent a lot of money on other things but this was really worth it. I look forward to going home at night and climbing into bed because I love my DUX mattress so much. Best money I ever spent.”

- Kevin McLaughlin, Boston, MA

“There are certain things in a household that we decided we would pay more money for. One thing was our DUX bed because when you sleep well, you feel well. You will have your bed for many years, and you have to take that into consideration when deciding to buy one. I think people forget that.”

- Edith Tully, Boston MA

“My DUX bed was worth every penny. I would never go back to any other brand; it is my bed for life. DUX bed was a great investment.”

- Valerie Bowen, Greenwich, CT

“It is important to me to get a good night’s sleep so I am ready for the next day. I felt like the DUX mattress was a bed I could really rely on to do the job for me. The mattress feels like you are sinking into a pillow or a cloud. It’s just comfortable. It’s not harder or softer. It’s just comfortable.”

- Claire, Greenwich, CT

“The DUX bed is attractive to people with compromised backs. It is a very unique and well engineered product. My husband even said it was the best mattress he’s slept on. He used to snore, but since we’ve had the DUX bed his snoring has virtually stopped.”

- Belinda, San Francisco, CA

“My bed has contributed to the recovery of my back injury and has allowed me to stay away from surgery. I travel a lot with my son’s baseball team and after only staying two nights in a bed other than my own I start getting back pain.”

- Ardis Guglielmo, Lafayette, CA

“We really noticed the difference when we traveled. I own a luxury travel company, and travel frequently for business. We experience a lot of different beds touted out to be ‘the best’ or ‘most comfortable’ in some of the world’s most acclaimed hotels. These beds don’t compare to our DUX, and we miss our good night’s sleep on the road. Many people who travel miss their dogs or their kids – for us, it’s our DUX.”

- Susan Hastings, San Francisco, CA

“People don’t even think twice about spending thousands of dollars on trips, and a trip is only for a short time. You sleep in your bed every night. So when I thought out the cost of a DUX bed, there wasn’t an issue because I put value on my ability to have a good night’s sleep.”

- Mark Shaw of Remax Accord, Lafayette, CA

“Whenever my lower back is hurting, I will go take a nap because when I lay down on my DUX bed, I feel better. We have had our DUX bed for 14 years and it sleeps as good now as the day we bought it. If you are going to end up buying three beds over 10 years, why not just buy one bed that will last?”

-Dr. Jackie Dierks, Scottsdale, AZ

“I used to be in the furniture business and I sold DUX furniture. One year I won a contest and I saw the DUX factory in Sweden. I knew that they were good beds by the way they were made. I bought one and have had it for 13 years now, and about a year ago I bought two more for my home in Santa Fe.”

- Ron Willingham, Phoenix, AZ