Finding Cheap Beds And Discount Mattresses

First thing I want you to ask yourself is what kind of product do you need. Do you really must have a $3,000 bed? How much difference is there between that bed and the mattress under $500? Think about it for a few moments. You won't find a good reason for that difference in price. Unless the bed is made out of gold springs, which I highly doubt.

I suggest you stay away from "special" beds that have 8,9 or even 15 different layers. These layers are just the way of companies to install more money in their product so you would have to pay for it. You get one layer for firmness so your back will feel good, but you get another layer to make it a little bit more softer so your circulation won't be endangered. There are all just fluff stories.

You can pick a good quality bed for $500 without problems. The first thing you can do is to try it out. I am sure you remember what kind of bedding you have at your home. This is how you can test new beds so you can figure out would it be good for you. Also, there is always an option to turn it back if you don't feel comfortable sleeping on it for first few days.

To get a cheap bed, you need to watch out for few things. Do not be a sucker for box springs. This is another money pit for the customer and manufacturers know it. Do you know that in other parts of the world, Europe, Asia, South America etc people do not use box springs at all? They place their mattreses on solid surface, most often it's wood. There are no springs and special bed frames. Even on metal beds and trundle beds there are no springs that will help the mattress. Because there is no need for that.

So, when you are getting a new bed, do not buy a new box spring. Even better, find a different solution if your old spring is ruined.

When it comes to cheap mattresses, you should always look out for sales and discounts. A lot of retail stores have them, especially furniture specialty stores. Discount mattress can be cut down to 30% of original price. Do not look for new, just arrived from factory beds. They will rip you off and you will have to replace them at the same time as your neighbor will. Except he bought his for $200. Aim for discount beds and YOU be the main man when you talk to the salesman.

Another great option is to go to Sleepy's and Macy's. They have awesome prices, especially Sleepy's because it offers more bed brands then Macy's. You can get good Miralux prices, Kingsdown and Englander beds too. Simmons, Sealy and Serta make good beds, but you have to know they will cost you more just because they spend so much money on advertisement. So bear that in mind. Just read some mattress reviews online and you will see what kind of money people pay for them just to have them replaced with other product in short time.

I forgot to mention one thing when it comes to Sleepy's. They will match any price, so you can find a retail store with discount and then call them at their number to get a lower price. They do that all the time, it's their way of beating competition. Go to their site and check out what they offer. You also have Sleepy's number there.

The fine thing about Internet is that you can check furniture stores online and see are there any sales and discount. We all know that there isn't anything better then mattress wholesale. When you find one, you will get a bit closer to heaven. But, store tend to avoid them. And you know why? Because the salesman is working for a commission. Why would he show you a $450 bed when he will get more money if he sells you a $2,000 bed? It's simple, right? This is why the beds that are on discount are at the back of the store. If you don't ask, you won't even know they are there. And the same thing is with online stores. A lots of times these websites put the page about discount mattress and cheap bed sale somewhere at the back. But you need to dig a bit and find that hidden piece of gold.

There are many types of beds that are completely the same at the core. Manufacturers only make up new names or add a layer or two so they can raise the price. Be careful about this and compare those expensive beds with some cheap beds that look the same. You will notice the difference. Also, read as much as you can on this topic because that way you will find out more and more about this industry. One more review is just another good tip for your shopping. This will help you save some money and enjoy your sleep a whole lot better.


Insight Into BeautyRest Mattress Models

Simmons make a lot of good mattresses, but BeautyRest mattress is their main product. This flagship model is considered to be the best in its category and it is no wonder there are so many people interested to find out more about him. This is why you will be able to find a lot of BeautyRest mattress reviews online.

The main idea behind this high quality bed is that the motion separation can improve the comfortability of the mattress. To put it more simply, a BeautyRest will not move when your partner moves, so you won't feel anything at all during sleep. This is because BeautyRest has a pocket coil construction which give a great support and allow mattress to move in certain areas only, while others will stay unaffected.

This is what makes BeautyRest mattress such a great product. To compare it with others, lets make one example. Usually mattresses are made out of coil springs that are connected. These pocket coil springs are then tied with each pocket at the side. And exactly this is what allows each coil to be unaffected by others. Normal mattresses have 300 coil springs. Simmons BeautyRest mattress has 850 of these. That is almost three times more and it makes a lot of difference.

It is clear that you can forget about the tossing in this kind of bed. These are made to reach the highest standards there are. This costs money, of course, but if you want the best, you will have to invest more in it.

One more great advantage of BeautyRest mattress is that it has two rows of coil springs around the edge. They help with the firmness of mattress so it won't foil if you get to the edge to sleep. Also, this is what keeps the entire bed in composition, which means it will last you for a long time.

When it comes to quality, it is clear that the BeautyRest has it. This mattress review provided just enough facts for that conclusion. What I would like to do next is to show you what kind of models you can choose if you decide for one of BeatyRest mattresses. This means that you will be able to find one that fits your needs as well as your budget.

You will get a chance to choose from 4 different models.

BeautyRest Classic

This model has 800 pocketed coils and a firm edge for sitting due to two rows of pocketed coils on the edge. This expands the sleeping area and gives long life to this mattress. The Classis is great for customers who are on the budget. You get quality at a reasonable price if you go with this option.

BeautyRest World Class

This model has 980 coils and a foam encasement that support the edge with a three inch thickness. You can choose the type of foam you want, latex, memory foam, premium foam or combination of those. The motion separation on these BeatyRest mattresses is excellent.

BeautyRest Exceptionale

You will get a two layers of pocketed coils that are almost 2,000 in numbers. You can compare that with the Classic model and see what kind of improvement that is. The motion separation for this mattress model is really high, something that you won't think its possible.

BeautyRest Black

Luxury mattress is definitely a name that goes with this model. It has all the features you can imagine and the quality that is yet unsurpassed. We will have to make a separate BeautyRest Black review just to show you what kind of mattress this is.

If you decide for any of these 4, you won't go wrong. These are top notch mattresses that offer comfort and durability. If you are tight with cash and want to find a cheap mattress, then you can start searching for mattress sale. BeautyRest can be found at lower price, especially when you have Internet to help you. Finding a discount mattress has never been easier, and I believe you can make your dreams come too.