Serta Vera Wang Mattress - Here It Comes

Serta is one of the most renowned mattress companies and Vera Wang is a celebrated fashion designer. Serta Vera Wang mattresses with high levels of craftsmanship are known to provide extra ordinary support and comfort while sleeping.

The Different Models

The Vera Wang bridal bed truly has romantic looks, while being soft and comfortable. This model was introduced on the Celebrity Apprentice show and continues to be one of the most desired mattresses. No wonder, that most mattress reviews love it.

Sophistication and elegance define The Vera Wang sequin bed. The high quality of workmanship and materials, as of the bridal bed, is maintained here. The other mattress designs, each unique in its own are the floral bed, braid bed and the sweetheart bed.

Well, the deciding factor for buying beds has always been its price and the comfort it offers, and once you put your bedding on its top, you are unable to see the patterns on the bed, yet it’s good to have a choice of sizes and designs.

Vera Wang Specialty Collection

The reason that Vera Wang mattress score high on reviews is that they are devoid of any spring and use pure latex and memory foam. A lot many consumers report that these specialty mattresses are more comfortable and provide better support than those using springs or coils.

The advantages of pure memory foam bed are many. It offers cradle-like comfort while getting aligned to your back, thus relaxing the pressure points. The most helpful feature is that you are not disturbed by the movements of your mate in the same bed.

Vera Wang Latex Mattresses

The pure Talalay latex bed is crafted to provide still better pressure relief than memory foam and is claimed to be four times more breathable. All these years memory foam has continued to enjoy the reputation of being the most comfortable, but with the introduction of this wonder material Latex, for the purpose of making mattresses, people are beginning to redefine comfort!

Those experiencing asthma or allergies will benefit from the hypoallergenic and antimicrobial characteristics of latex. Memory foam too is helpful for the purpose, but it’s only the design of conventional spring beds that encourages dust mites.

On going through its reviews, one learns that all models of Serta mattress are extraordinarily well made that perfectly balance the two desired features of any mattress: comfort and Irrespective of your choosing latex or memory foam, you’ll find these mattresses worth the investment and are guaranteed for satisfactory performance for years to come.

Should you be considering replacing your present mattress, it will be worthwhile to go for a top quality mattress that offers years of comfortable relaxed sleeping experience.