A Short Bonnell Spring Mattress Review

Having a good sleep at night is really important to remain fresh during the day. Also, good night’s rest is conducive to good health. Comfortable undisturbed sleep on a comfortable mattresses helps to relax the body and mind. You know what I mean by that: That tingling sensation when you wake up in a warm bed, feeling comfortable and unwilling to get out of it. Usually, a mattress refers to a kind of mat or pad generally kept on a bed or on the floor upon which one may sleep or lie down. A "spring" is an elastic object designed to store mechanical energy.

The word "bonnell" refers to a kind of "spring" used for making spring mattresses. Spring units are used for making of these mattresses. In a Bonnell spring mattress the springs get attached to each other with helical wire giving it a strong spring structure. The quality of mattresses goes to provide better stability and more flexibility, making it a favorite bedding option globally. Therefore, choosing the right kind of mattress helps to have a perfect sleep while providing support to the spinal cord of the body.

Here are the features of Bonnell Spring Mattress that make it one of its kinds:

    * Most comfortable and supportive mattress.
    * The finest of raw material are used for producing these mattresses to ensure extra support and comfort for body.
    * The number of springs employed for making this mattress makes it more comfortable.
    * It is roomy enough to provide convenient movements.
    * These are the most durable mattresses available in the market.
    * Skilled engineers and creative artisans make these mattresses.

These are the types of Bonnell Spring Mattress:

Latex Spring Mattress: These mattresses are designed to give utmost comfort, thus enabling the user to have sound undisturbed sleep. These mattresses comprise of many layers of natural latex that enables the mattress to offer the maximum softness. Latex mattresses from this company are the best mattresses you can get in the market. Even orthopedic surgeons recommend using these mattresses.

Firm Spring Mattress: The term "Firm" usually refers to something that can’t be pressed so easily. These firm mattresses are designed for those who prefer to have a firm surface for sleeping. Here are the benefits of a firm mattress:

    * It prevents backache.
    * It offers solid support to the body.
    * It is loner lasting, compared to other mattress as it ensures air circulation.
    * It provides utmost level of comfort and health.

These mattresses are made from the best available materials. If you are looking for a luxurious mattress for any design of furnishing or bedding, you’ll find it difficult to get a substitute of Bonnel spring mattress, which go to compliment the ambience of any room. That’s what makes this brand a favorite of hotels, hospital, health care centers, and resorts etc.

And for those who are interested, a short video on how the springs are actually made. It's a quite cool.


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Nancy said...

Can feel the spring underneath especially when lying on the sides.