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Restonic Mattress - Overall Review

It is true that Restonic is not a popular brand, like Serta or Simmons are, but they have a satisfying level of quality. There are many products they offer, and this is one of the reasons we can't say are they a good or a bad company. It all depends on the specific product, on our preferences when it comes to beds and the prices. We need to take deeper insight to see what kind of brand this is. If you are willing to know more, read this Restonic mattress review.

Just like any other company, Restonic is also trying to find a niche for their products. And unlike many smaller companies, they are offering a wide variety of choices. This means that they are manufacturing innerspring, viscoelastic, foam and air mattresses. It is a good thing to know they are trying to cover all the angles, since that tells us how serious a company is. And it also means that the consumers who buy their products have a certain level of satisfaction. If that is not the case, Restonic could not manufacture all those product lines. To conclude, if their products are in different niches and have different prices, it means they are doing a good job and customers know how to appreciate that.

Base line of mattresses for any company is an innerspring mattress. These are still highly popular and are making biggest number of sales. Sure, memory foam is a blast and latex becomes more and more popular. But still, people are used to innerspring and buy those most of the time.

The line that this brand has is called ComfortCare. Without going too much into hype and talking about the features with the name company gives the, I'm gonna say it all in the plain English. ComfortCare line mattresses have bigger number of coils in the center, which gives additional support to the sleeper. You may thing that is nothing special, but only good quality beds have this. This is a sign that Restonic wants to offer quality. Another thing, the edge of their innerspring modles has a higher density due to more foam being placed there. It is additional support for our bodies and it means that we will have a firmer edge to sit on. This edge also saves us from falling down if we are too close.

Are these beds firm? Or soft? The good news is that you can choose the on you want. Restonic offers three levels of firmness, with the mattresses called: Firm, Plush and EuroTop. I'm not gonna go any deeper with these three in this review, but lets just say that any of you will find a match with them when it comes to firmness.

So far, we can see that these are quality products and have something to offer. But how do they stand when compared to others? For example, Posturepedic is the competition to ComfortCare. Posturepedic has a bit more quality and durability, but Restonic mattress is cheaper. You will have to decide what is best for you. I want to say that there are consumers who complain about some Restonic innerspring mattresses sagging after few years of use. This is what happens to all beds, but they could be a bit better here. The thing is, you will probably have a long lasting bed if you are not a heavy person and choose a firm bed for yourself. You will have a long lasting Restonic at a cheap price. Otherwise, you can pay more money for a Sealy and get a bit more quality product for yourself.

When it comes to latex mattresses, Restonic is making some good quality products here. They have few variants to offer, but most of them have 6" of thickness. This is just the thickness we need, more then that is not necessary and less then that would not be enough. And you get to choose quilts, topper and pads you want.

But what level of quality Restonic latex mattresses are? Their Providence line is using the same latex material that big brands do. So, there is no difference between them and Simmons or Serta. The same company delivers materials for their beds. It mean that you can be relaxed about the value you will get for your money if you decide to go latex. And the good thing is, you will have to pay less then you would to Sealy or Serta.

Memory foam mattresses from Restonic are not one of those lousy ones. Maybe you already know this, but there are many companies who are manufacturing foam beds without any ethics. They promise a lot of value, but you actually get a bad mattress that will sag in less then a year. And you had to invest a lot of money into it. It is not a good situation for shoppers, but that is what happens when something becomes so popular. There are always some people who are ready to abuse it.

Be sure to check for quality of any product you are buying. That's the best way to protect yourself. Speaking of Restonic and their HealthRest line of foam beds, they have a 6.5" core and 3.5" to 4.5" of visco mattress topper. These are the perfect measurements and are suitable for a good sleep. Thicker wouldn't be good, since you would fall all the way to the bottom. I must say that Restonic has a good thing going for them here, since they can almost match True Response and True Form when it comes to quality. But the advantage they have is their price. This is how Restonic beats other brands. If you are on the budget, they could be your option.

All in all, this is a good and reputable brand that has a lot to offer. They maybe do not have such variety of choice like the biggest brand out there, but they will satisfy most of our needs. They have quality, which is the most important thing. Now you only have to decide how much you are willing to invest. If money is a bit of a problem, go with Restonic mattress. Otherwise, invest in a bed that will last you the longest.

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