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Anonymous said...

I bought a very nice looking Miralux king size mattress set in April 2011. It is a $2000.00 set, and was discounted to $1000.00. We are in our 70's, and after about 6 months, we started having terrible backaches, after sleeping on this mattress. We notified the store"Sleep With Grace" in Meridian, Idaho about the problem. They sent someone out to check, and the men said the holes in the mattress were not deep enough to warrant any action. Our neighbors bought a Miralux king size set the month before us. They too, had the same problem, only theirs had deeper impressions. The store sent someone out to pick up their mattress, and left them a "loaner". After a couple of weeks they were notified that their mattress had been repaired, and would be brought back to them. This was last month, and the mattress has done the same thing. The store said that the problem was that something inside the mattress was not holding together, and that they had "repaired" the mattress.
We are so disappointed in the quality of this mattress. I have had to quit sleeping in this bed, as my back was in such bad shape that I could hardly walk. I did go and buy a memory foam mattress pad, so that my husband can try and get a few hours of sleep, but even then, it is not much better.