Denver Mattresses - They Offer Value For Your Money

Despite their being popular in the United States, Denver mattresses are equally the not-so-well known brand there. The reasons for that could be many, but an increasing number of householders are beginning to realize the benefits of using Denver mattresses. These mattresses combine comfort, price and support, the three factors that consumers consider while buying mattresses. Here’s more to Denver mattresses:

About Denver Mattresses

Furniture Row, a retail company founded in 1972 in Denver is famed for its home furnishing lines and is among the major furnishing companies of the United States today. Denver mattresses form a part of the range of products that the company manufactures. The company till date has its main base in Denver.

Denver mattress is truly a family run business that is mainly concerned with catering to the requirements of its patrons by incorporating new ideas and innovations to its mattress designs. Their products have a lasting style, made from the highest quality materials. That’s the reason of their being the most favored brand. Here are the kinds of mattresses the company offers.

     *  Euro Top – This construction of this mattress incorporates strategically positioned zone coils to provide the comfort you may look forward to from a good mattress. The mattress is divided into many zones to give you total support wherever you need it. You won’t find any uncomfortable springs poking you as you turn in the bed. As a result, you get a good night’s sleep to wake up fresh the next morning.
    *  Pillow Top – The pillow top is so named because it gives one the feeling of lying on one giant pillow! It’s fairly soft and comfortable mattress allowing you to literally sink into it. It offers great value for money enabling you such luxury at affordable prices.
    *  Plush – This version of the Denver mattress provides the comforts of both the above styles, giving you the perfect mix of comfort and support. The combination of zoned coils and a pillow like top mattress, just allows you to sink into it and feel incredibly comfortable whilst offering support just where you need it while sleeping.
    *  Firm – The firm mattresses are designed to provide relief to aching joints. All you need to do is lie back as your pains and aches slowly begin to disappear.

And some of the special features of these fine products:
    *  The Denver beds are conveniently available all over the United States, and have more than 300 stores worldwide. They are available in 31 states and the company has plans for expansion. Moreover, you can also buy them on the Internet, adding further to your convenience.
    *  Being a family run business, the owners are more concerned about the needs of their patrons and committed to offer good quality products to them! They are always keen to improve the quality and feature of their products and value the consumer.
    *  The manufacturers understand that mattress is not something you buy everyday and their products offer great value for money at unbeatable prices.

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Tracy said...

We purchased a Denver pillow-top mattress seven years ago. I can't say I was ever blown away by it, but it was adequate. However, in the last year both my husband and I have been sleeping terribly. We sleep well in other beds in the house, so we concluded it must be the mattress. It's quite disappointing to have a mattress only last six years. Prior to this I have purchased Simmons and Sealys and they lasted much longer than that! I will never buy a Denver mattress again. To me, it's like buying furniture from Kmart vs. Amish furniture. They both look nice the day you buy them, but only one of them holds up. Next time I'm buying the one that holds up.