Sleep Number Bed - You Already Know About It

You should be pleased to learn that at last there is a company that lets you try its bed for period of thirty days! Yes, you can really take it home and test it for its comfort level for thirty days. The producers call it as ‘the thirty day challenge’. Here comes sleep number bed. Many people have availed of this offer and opinioned their views. If you are prompted to buy one, it will help to go thru the reviews of Sleep Number Bed as provided by the users. Here we go:

On going thru the reviews of a sleep number bed you’ll learn that this type of bed is good for allergies because the air bladder can’t hold dust mites and the covers can be washed. This bed offers the option of adjusting its softness as per your comfort, though it’s not advisable to be changing its level of firmness too frequently.

Sleep Number Bed

This bed also facilitates reducing the uncomfortable pressure points that can often cause tossing and turning in bed while sleeping. It conforms itself to the shape of your body to provide superior comfort and excellent back support.

Though a Sleep Number Bed is meant to accommodate two persons, it is designed to offer the additional advantage of adjusting its either side to suit the comfort of its occupier. For instance, you may prefer to have firmer bed than your partner, or may be one of you feels more comfortable at a higher elevation. This bed can be adjusted to suit the comfort of each partner. The numbers on the bed indicate the firmness of the mattress.

A review of Sleep Number Bed indicates that people suffering with backaches or other pains in the morning were helped by the use of such a mattress. It helped them sleep better. It has been observed that bad sleeping habits are often the case of such disorders of the back.

The limitation is that the density of the bed undergoes a slight change with changing weather and temperature. For example, if it rains, the mattress becomes a bit stiffer than normal, whereas if the weather is clear, it softens slightly.

Another limitation with use of such mattresses that people often miss to appreciate is that the air mattress used with such beds tend to lose its air over prolonged use and should be compensated for this loss. Surveys confirm that some sleep number bed owners reported frequent and rather significant loss of air. One reason for that could be faulty air pumps or connections rather than just the quality of manufacturing.

Users have also reported the formation of a trench-like cavity in the middle of the bed. This is especially noticeable if the two chambers of the bed are adjusted to different levels of firmness. Such trench could certainly limit the comfort of the bed and be detrimental to intimate relationship of couples.

A rather discouraging factor noticed thru the reviews of Sleep Number beds is its price. Consumers find it to be too high. But, taking into consideration that the bed is guaranteed for twenty years, it shouldn’t really be a matter of so much concern. Having known the plus and minus features of different styles of bed helps you to come to the right decision.