Latex Mattress - General Review

You've come to the right place if a latex mattress review is what you are looking for. There is a long review in front of you, with plenty of information, guidelines and tips. This is something that will surely help you in finding the right latex mattress.

I want to talk about the advantages first. And the biggest one is that latex mattresses are comfortable. Over 85% of people who used them find them very comfortable, more then memory foam, air and water mattresses that score a bit below. Lets mention that an innerspring mattress is considered to be at the bottom here, with scoring only 60%. Besides comfort, you get a durable mattress that is not radiating heat and breathes quite well.

The main disadvantage is price. You will need to invest some money for a good quality latex mattress. The situation will probably remain the same unless some other type of bed appears. The latex is still new and this review will show it. There aren't many people who used them, but they are considered to lead the race when it comes to quality.

Now that we have finished with the basics, lets continue with the latex bed review. As you have probably heard by now, memory foam products have a lot of toxicity. The chemicals that are used are not always 100% safe and this is an issue that is still somewhat hidden. A bit like a public secret. But more and more people get the right information and start looking for a natural latex foam mattresses. There are different types out there and I'll give you some basic information on it so you can know what you are dealing with here.

The origin of the latex rubber is on Brazil, where the rubber trees were growing when the British found them and exported more then 100 hundred years ago. We get rubber from those trees from all sort of products, and one of them is latex mattress. There are two types of latex, man made latex and natural rubber. This leads us to two ways of processing latex, Dunlop and Talalay. Basically, first one gives us heavier, firmer product that is used in beds. The other is more airy, softer and has a use in other industries as well.

The benefits of latex mattresses is that they adapt to our bodies and give them support at any moment. The pressure to the body is reduced, 33% more than pressure we experience with memory foam mattress. You won't have that feeling of being swallowed with a latex mattress, since it will hold your body on the surface, tightly, but gently.

The other benefit is that there is more airflow with the latex made mattresses. So if you ever feel hot when sleeping on your bed, then you know that you need more airflow. Actually, you need latex.

Your circulation is better and your muscles are not pressed so hard so you will wake up fresh and relaxed. I know you had some bad nights, where you woke up more tired then you were when you went to bed. This is the fault of a bad mattress.

Another great thing we will talk about in this latex mattress review is the resistance to dust mites and microbes. The latex breathes and so there is no moisture being created. This is no place for dust mites, so they don't even care to come inside the latex mattress. The naturally healthy material will also degrade without damage to the environment.

Latex mattress buying guidelines

I'll try to keep this short, so you can focus on the most important factors.

1. Choose Talalay latex, blended or all natural

2. Do not use pillow tops with latex beds - they don't do you any good

3. The heavier you are, the firmer latex you need

4. You don't need to have thick latex mattress - at all

5. Check what is really inside the product - ask

6. They don't have to be expensive - the simpler, the better

7. Buy latex mattress from someone who knows them

8. Compare prices, browse online and find discount latex

If you are short on cash, there is mid solution. Buy yourself a latex topper and wait for the real thing. This will show you what kind of benefits you re going to get and may inspire you to save more. Latex topper will definitely show you the real value of a high quality, durable and healthy latex mattress.