A Short Bonnell Spring Mattress Review

Having a good sleep at night is really important to remain fresh during the day. Also, good night’s rest is conducive to good health. Comfortable undisturbed sleep on a comfortable mattresses helps to relax the body and mind. You know what I mean by that: That tingling sensation when you wake up in a warm bed, feeling comfortable and unwilling to get out of it. Usually, a mattress refers to a kind of mat or pad generally kept on a bed or on the floor upon which one may sleep or lie down. A "spring" is an elastic object designed to store mechanical energy.

The word "bonnell" refers to a kind of "spring" used for making spring mattresses. Spring units are used for making of these mattresses. In a Bonnell spring mattress the springs get attached to each other with helical wire giving it a strong spring structure. The quality of mattresses goes to provide better stability and more flexibility, making it a favorite bedding option globally. Therefore, choosing the right kind of mattress helps to have a perfect sleep while providing support to the spinal cord of the body.

Here are the features of Bonnell Spring Mattress that make it one of its kinds:

    * Most comfortable and supportive mattress.
    * The finest of raw material are used for producing these mattresses to ensure extra support and comfort for body.
    * The number of springs employed for making this mattress makes it more comfortable.
    * It is roomy enough to provide convenient movements.
    * These are the most durable mattresses available in the market.
    * Skilled engineers and creative artisans make these mattresses.

These are the types of Bonnell Spring Mattress:

Latex Spring Mattress: These mattresses are designed to give utmost comfort, thus enabling the user to have sound undisturbed sleep. These mattresses comprise of many layers of natural latex that enables the mattress to offer the maximum softness. Latex mattresses from this company are the best mattresses you can get in the market. Even orthopedic surgeons recommend using these mattresses.

Firm Spring Mattress: The term "Firm" usually refers to something that can’t be pressed so easily. These firm mattresses are designed for those who prefer to have a firm surface for sleeping. Here are the benefits of a firm mattress:

    * It prevents backache.
    * It offers solid support to the body.
    * It is loner lasting, compared to other mattress as it ensures air circulation.
    * It provides utmost level of comfort and health.

These mattresses are made from the best available materials. If you are looking for a luxurious mattress for any design of furnishing or bedding, you’ll find it difficult to get a substitute of Bonnel spring mattress, which go to compliment the ambience of any room. That’s what makes this brand a favorite of hotels, hospital, health care centers, and resorts etc.

And for those who are interested, a short video on how the springs are actually made. It's a quite cool.


Denver Mattresses - They Offer Value For Your Money

Despite their being popular in the United States, Denver mattresses are equally the not-so-well known brand there. The reasons for that could be many, but an increasing number of householders are beginning to realize the benefits of using Denver mattresses. These mattresses combine comfort, price and support, the three factors that consumers consider while buying mattresses. Here’s more to Denver mattresses:

About Denver Mattresses

Furniture Row, a retail company founded in 1972 in Denver is famed for its home furnishing lines and is among the major furnishing companies of the United States today. Denver mattresses form a part of the range of products that the company manufactures. The company till date has its main base in Denver.

Denver mattress is truly a family run business that is mainly concerned with catering to the requirements of its patrons by incorporating new ideas and innovations to its mattress designs. Their products have a lasting style, made from the highest quality materials. That’s the reason of their being the most favored brand. Here are the kinds of mattresses the company offers.

     *  Euro Top – This construction of this mattress incorporates strategically positioned zone coils to provide the comfort you may look forward to from a good mattress. The mattress is divided into many zones to give you total support wherever you need it. You won’t find any uncomfortable springs poking you as you turn in the bed. As a result, you get a good night’s sleep to wake up fresh the next morning.
    *  Pillow Top – The pillow top is so named because it gives one the feeling of lying on one giant pillow! It’s fairly soft and comfortable mattress allowing you to literally sink into it. It offers great value for money enabling you such luxury at affordable prices.
    *  Plush – This version of the Denver mattress provides the comforts of both the above styles, giving you the perfect mix of comfort and support. The combination of zoned coils and a pillow like top mattress, just allows you to sink into it and feel incredibly comfortable whilst offering support just where you need it while sleeping.
    *  Firm – The firm mattresses are designed to provide relief to aching joints. All you need to do is lie back as your pains and aches slowly begin to disappear.

And some of the special features of these fine products:
    *  The Denver beds are conveniently available all over the United States, and have more than 300 stores worldwide. They are available in 31 states and the company has plans for expansion. Moreover, you can also buy them on the Internet, adding further to your convenience.
    *  Being a family run business, the owners are more concerned about the needs of their patrons and committed to offer good quality products to them! They are always keen to improve the quality and feature of their products and value the consumer.
    *  The manufacturers understand that mattress is not something you buy everyday and their products offer great value for money at unbeatable prices.

For the end, a funny commercial:


Bassett Mattress Review

Quality of materials used for its manufacturing coupled with its innovative design is what distinguishes Bassett mattresses from the rest. For more than a century the product has been known to provide high quality sleep products that are durable and available at affordable prices too. A Bassett is almost a household name, as most American homes have this mattress these days.

Of the many factors that a consumer considers while buying mattress, durability is among the most desired one. That’s one way to ensure value for money. Basset is a trusted name. It has earned wide recognition due its ability to anticipate and provide what the customers are looking for in a quality mattress and bedding accessories.

About Bassett

Bassett mattresses enjoy a wide patronage in American households. The manufacturers sell thru more than 130 stores in that country and in Puerto Rico and Canada too. But mattresses are but one product offered by this company for it also produces well crafted furniture that will suit any kind of interior designs of homes. Their range of products includes upholstery, home dining and entertainment furniture among others.

For mattresses, Bassett has just introduced its two new products: Bassett Bedding and Dream Maker collection. As always, the main feature of these products continues to be innovative designs with the intentions of providing the best support and comfort to the users.

Bassett Bedding

The range of mattresses falling in this collection has a number of features designed to provide the expected level of comfort for a good night’s sleep. The mattresses covered in this collection are provided with flame-guars protection along with Dura-Tech foundation that ensures its long life.

DreamMaker Collection

The Dream Maker line of Bassett mattresses is designed to respect the relaxed sleeping requirements of the consumers of the present century. Considering the hectic lifestyle of present generation, it’s but natural for it to expect a bed that allows them to have quality sleep and rejuvenate body.  The outstanding features of this line of mattresses include:            motion control systems, a sure-flex box spring and an encased edge for a more durable and comfortable fit. The design considerations of a Basset mattress in this range ensure its conforming to body contours to provide utmost comfort and support.

Consumer Reviews

Many consumers realize a Bassett mattress to be a good option mainly due its durability and affordability. For queen-sized bed the price varies from $900 to $1800. The entry level mattress lasts for long. Most of the mattresses are offered a ten year warranty, an assurance of quality. A Bassett would undoubtedly qualify for a score of 5, both in terms of price and quality.

The Verdict

Bassett mattress could certainly be the best option for middle class households looking for better value for their money. It may not be categorized among the luxurious variety of mattresses, but it surely provides the basic comforts one looks forward to in quality mattress.

Spring Air Mattress Review - You Asked For It

There were many people talking about Spring Air so I wanted to satisfy the need that is apparently present. In case you are interested in this brand, take some time to read this short post. I hope the comments will provide you with much more information, like they did with the recent reviews.

Like we all know, sleeping comfortably without getting disturbed is the best way to feel and act energetic in the morning. Good sleep is crucial for your well being as it rejuvenates and heals human body. The Spring Air mattress is one brand that offers one of the most desirable sleeping surfaces you can expect for enhanced sleeping experience.

The manufacturers of Spring Air mattress are saying that the design of their products and the materials used for making those is exclusive and thus superior to any other product available in the market. They claim to have incorporated an advances technology for their bed assembly that enhances body support and comfort.

The inventive Back Supporter line of the Spring Air mattress beds, true to its name goes a long way to provide relief for many back problems, and brings relief to aches and pains by appropriately supporting the lumbar region. This was accomplished by integrating revolutionary improvements in their foam and coil technology. This was possible by employing the latest technology for making coils and foam.

This innovative support for the back has indeed prompted many consumers to try this product and those having already tried it are being highly appreciative of the comfort it provides while sleeping on this mattress bed. It is too well known now that back pain is one big reason for sleep related problems and restlessness in bed. An appropriately designed mattress facilitates relaxation for its occupier, thus promoting better quality of sleep. Those already affected by this malady of back pain would find this design of great help and be able to sleep undisturbed.

The producers of The Spring Air mattresses also offer have another range or mattresses branded as The Four Season Collection. This range of mattresses is built to offer a non-irritating, cleaner and better breathable sleeping experience. While the inside of the bed assembly is filled with non-toxic cotton fibers, its coverings come with 100% natural cotton. These features facilitate closest to natural sleeping experience.

And when we talk about the insides of the mattress, take a look at this :D

This special range of mattresses is also made utilizing other natural materials, apart from cotton. These vary from silk, wool and down, depending on the model you decide to have. All these natural fibers are believed to offer enhanced breath-ability, making sleeping conditions more comfortable and healthier.

To customers’ advantage, this range of products comes with quite a few options. Incorporation of technological innovations in the product has facilitated the use of foam in the mattresses that are more environmentally friendly. They employ an innovative technology for producing variable pressure foam, often referred to as VPF. This technological process using the least of blowing agents releases minimum harmful toxins. That means while you get a product that is safer for your everyday use you have also contributed to keep the environments healthier.

Spring Air Mattress Company has brought around another innovation in its product by way of including Pocket Coil Technology wherein each coil of the bed assembly is individually encased independently.

The said technology makes each coil to function independently, thus isolating any disturbance that may be caused by your body movements in the bed and allows you to sleep undisturbed. Simply put it means that you are not disturbed by the tossing and turning of your mate in bed.


Serta Vera Wang Mattress - Here It Comes

Serta is one of the most renowned mattress companies and Vera Wang is a celebrated fashion designer. Serta Vera Wang mattresses with high levels of craftsmanship are known to provide extra ordinary support and comfort while sleeping.

The Different Models

The Vera Wang bridal bed truly has romantic looks, while being soft and comfortable. This model was introduced on the Celebrity Apprentice show and continues to be one of the most desired mattresses. No wonder, that most mattress reviews love it.

Sophistication and elegance define The Vera Wang sequin bed. The high quality of workmanship and materials, as of the bridal bed, is maintained here. The other mattress designs, each unique in its own are the floral bed, braid bed and the sweetheart bed.

Well, the deciding factor for buying beds has always been its price and the comfort it offers, and once you put your bedding on its top, you are unable to see the patterns on the bed, yet it’s good to have a choice of sizes and designs.

Vera Wang Specialty Collection

The reason that Vera Wang mattress score high on reviews is that they are devoid of any spring and use pure latex and memory foam. A lot many consumers report that these specialty mattresses are more comfortable and provide better support than those using springs or coils.

The advantages of pure memory foam bed are many. It offers cradle-like comfort while getting aligned to your back, thus relaxing the pressure points. The most helpful feature is that you are not disturbed by the movements of your mate in the same bed.

Vera Wang Latex Mattresses

The pure Talalay latex bed is crafted to provide still better pressure relief than memory foam and is claimed to be four times more breathable. All these years memory foam has continued to enjoy the reputation of being the most comfortable, but with the introduction of this wonder material Latex, for the purpose of making mattresses, people are beginning to redefine comfort!

Those experiencing asthma or allergies will benefit from the hypoallergenic and antimicrobial characteristics of latex. Memory foam too is helpful for the purpose, but it’s only the design of conventional spring beds that encourages dust mites.

On going through its reviews, one learns that all models of Serta mattress are extraordinarily well made that perfectly balance the two desired features of any mattress: comfort and Irrespective of your choosing latex or memory foam, you’ll find these mattresses worth the investment and are guaranteed for satisfactory performance for years to come.

Should you be considering replacing your present mattress, it will be worthwhile to go for a top quality mattress that offers years of comfortable relaxed sleeping experience.

Symbol Mattress - Seeking Its Chance

While looking for mattresses, three factors that come to minds of buyers are its quality, price and the level of comfort it provides. Everybody wants the most comfortable and best quality material at the lowest possible price. Usually, it’s not possible to have this three-in-one. But Symbol mattresses is trying to offer all the three. These mattresses are comfortable, and due to manufacturing process - they are quite affordable, especially when compared to other similar mattresses.

Generally, a low priced item is considered to have poor quality that can’t be relied upon, but that’s not so in the case of Symbol mattresses. And the reason is not the use of inferior materials. They are available at affordable prices as the manufacturer employs in-house manufacturing processes for producing all the accessories required for making of mattresses. These accessories include coils, springs, frames and even processing of foam padding. It’s not difficult to understand economics of manufacturing here. If the manufacturer buys the required accessories from others, the cost of manufacturing goes up, as all the suppliers would certainly add their profit before offering goods to the other manufacturer. Apart from bringing down the price for reasons explained, Symbol manages to have better control over quality of materials that it produces itself.

Well, some of the mattresses offered by Symbol do not fall in the category of luxury or top of the line products, but they do offer a better level of comfort than regular mattresses at very affordable prices. Every consumer can’t afford to be lavish in spending for a fully loaded bed, but Symbol is manufacturing great mattresses that have many features of those expensive beds at a fraction of their prices.

It’s true that most mattress reviews boil down to favor those products, which are at high end, and luxurious with all of the modern features or those with the basic spring system and the comfort of a pillow top or memory foam.

Two types of mattresses that constantly draw vast reviews are made from natural latex and memory foam.

The Symbol latex mattress is undoubtedly the best among all the beds falling in its price range. They are made from totally natural and hypo-allergenic materials, and encompass the body, while conforming to your natural sleeping postures giving you the most comfortable sleep you could ask for. This material provides better support to your body than other bed materials, and relieves you of aches and pains that are usually caused by sleeping on other bed surfaces.

Comfortec mattress provides excellent support to the neck, back and other joints. It employs innovative memory foam that characteristically conforms to the body contours and evenly distributes the body weight across the bed. It factually memorizes your body shape, true to its name!

Here's a video I found on Youtube. If you have some time, check it out. You'll hear some interesting information!

Symbol mattresses come with a large range of features, but one feature common to all is the affordable price. Weather you are looking for high end luxury bedding or a child's bed or even desiring to have reasonable degree of comfort on a budget, Symbol surely has a mattress to offer for all your needs.


Dunlopillo Mattresses Review

Are you aware of the fact that an average man spends about eight hours in bed everyday, which amounts to 112 days per year, that’s nearly one third of the whole year. That's a lot of time spent in bed. So, it is completely natural to have a resilient and comfortable mattress to support you throughout the year.

If the bed itself is uncomfortable, you can’t be expected to sleep comfortably and that affects every other walk of your life. That makes all the sense to invest in a quality mattress that enables you to sleep comfortably and rejuvenate your body to face the problems of daily life. If comfort and support were the two most important characteristics of a mattress, you can surely expect a Dunlopillo mattress to provide the same. Inclusion of these comfortable mattresses enables you to make your bedroom as comfortable as any of the five star hotels.

dunlopillo mattress

It’s the latex technology of Dunlopillo mattresses that makes them offer heightened level of comfort. Dunlopillo makes use of Talalay manufacturing process that involves mixing of synthetic and natural latex to derive latex foam. Every Dunlopillo mattress is subjected to very meticulous testing procedure to ensure that it provides everlasting comfort to its users. The mattress comfortably embraces the contours of your body, enabling you to sleep comfortably without any tossing or turning in bed.

Features of Dunlopillo mattress

There are many features to a Dunlopillo mattress that enable the user to have a relaxed and comfortable sleep at the end of the day.

* Support for neck and back pain – Those with pain in the neck or back will be relieved to use Dunlopillo mattress as its latex provides the desired support while it moulds around the curves of the body of its occupier.

* Hypoallergenic – Latex, the material used for making Dunlopillo mattresses is characteristically hypoallergenic. This will be a very appreciable feature for those suffering from allergies or facing problems like asthma that are connected with the respiratory system

* No springs – The construction of Dunlopillo dispenses with the use of conventional springs that wear out after a couple of years and begin to poke thru the surface of the mattress.

* Keep cool – Dunlopillo mattresses are so designed that the latex in there has open cells that enables the mattress to breath evenly, thus maintaining its low temperature. The design incorporates a ventilated interior that helps to drive out any moisture content, leaving the mattress fresh.

* Dunlopillo mattress guarantee – Over and above all the great features, Dunlopillo matters comes with a five-year warranty, meaning that any defect arising due faulty material or bad workmanship will be repaired or replaced free of cost.

Dunlopillo manufactures a wide range of latex mattresses to fulfill different needs of its consumers. The Firmrest range from Dunlopillo is especially designed for people who like to have firmer mattress for support while sleeping, making it an ideal choice for those with problems in their backs. Dunlopillo Firmrest integrates Enhanced Moisture Management Technology to facilitate improved air circulation that keeps the mattress cool, a feature anybody would appreciate during warmer months. This mattress from Dunlopillo makes a great choice for those who like to derive an extraordinarily comfortable and somewhat luxuriant touch from the bed as it provides an extra soft touch stretch cover with an added cover of latex foam.

While finalizing your requirements of the most suitable mattress for you, make sure to check out the complete range of Dunlopillo mattresses.


Intelli-Gel Mattress - A Short Review

A friend of mine had since long been having difficulties sleeping at night. Often he would be awake for as long as his eyes would remain open. Consequently, he would feel miserable during the day. Sometime ago I suggested him to replace his mattress with an Intelli-Gel. Ever since he started using Intelli-gel he has been having comfortable nights and feels fresh during morning and lively during the day.

Of course, the price of this mattress is a big constrain for a bed with an Intelli-gel costs not in hundreds of dollars but in thousands. But, taking into consideration that it lasts for at least twenty years, that is about three times the life of an average conventional mattress, the cost per day works out to be very comparable to any other bed of good quality.

Before you go to buy an Intelli-Gel mattress, I suggest that you go thru some of the mattress reviews, and know before hand what you should expect. You will hardly find any negative remarks, but would know a couple of interesting and impressive features. The technology employed for making these mattresses is relatively new. Some of the top end models incorporate memory foam, the latest material discovered for making mattresses. You’ll also realize that many hospitals use Intelli-gel mattresses for beds of patients with problems related to pains in their back. It’s also used in wheelchairs.

Many of you would have used or read about inserts of Dr. Scholl’s “Gellin” products. Yes, I am referring to the same item that gives your steps an extra bounce and makes your day so comfortable and untiring. Now, imagine the same product being used in your bed! Aren’t you surprised, but it is true that Intelli-gel mattresses use this space age material.

As already pointed out the initial cost of an Intelli-gel mattress may be high, but this is no ordinary mattress. The extraordinary space age materials used for making these mattresses ensure a relaxed comfortable sleeping experience and you get up fresh in the morning for the challenges of the day ahead.


Sleep Number Bed - You Already Know About It

You should be pleased to learn that at last there is a company that lets you try its bed for period of thirty days! Yes, you can really take it home and test it for its comfort level for thirty days. The producers call it as ‘the thirty day challenge’. Here comes sleep number bed. Many people have availed of this offer and opinioned their views. If you are prompted to buy one, it will help to go thru the reviews of Sleep Number Bed as provided by the users. Here we go:

On going thru the reviews of a sleep number bed you’ll learn that this type of bed is good for allergies because the air bladder can’t hold dust mites and the covers can be washed. This bed offers the option of adjusting its softness as per your comfort, though it’s not advisable to be changing its level of firmness too frequently.

Sleep Number Bed

This bed also facilitates reducing the uncomfortable pressure points that can often cause tossing and turning in bed while sleeping. It conforms itself to the shape of your body to provide superior comfort and excellent back support.

Though a Sleep Number Bed is meant to accommodate two persons, it is designed to offer the additional advantage of adjusting its either side to suit the comfort of its occupier. For instance, you may prefer to have firmer bed than your partner, or may be one of you feels more comfortable at a higher elevation. This bed can be adjusted to suit the comfort of each partner. The numbers on the bed indicate the firmness of the mattress.

A review of Sleep Number Bed indicates that people suffering with backaches or other pains in the morning were helped by the use of such a mattress. It helped them sleep better. It has been observed that bad sleeping habits are often the case of such disorders of the back.

The limitation is that the density of the bed undergoes a slight change with changing weather and temperature. For example, if it rains, the mattress becomes a bit stiffer than normal, whereas if the weather is clear, it softens slightly.

Another limitation with use of such mattresses that people often miss to appreciate is that the air mattress used with such beds tend to lose its air over prolonged use and should be compensated for this loss. Surveys confirm that some sleep number bed owners reported frequent and rather significant loss of air. One reason for that could be faulty air pumps or connections rather than just the quality of manufacturing.

Users have also reported the formation of a trench-like cavity in the middle of the bed. This is especially noticeable if the two chambers of the bed are adjusted to different levels of firmness. Such trench could certainly limit the comfort of the bed and be detrimental to intimate relationship of couples.

A rather discouraging factor noticed thru the reviews of Sleep Number beds is its price. Consumers find it to be too high. But, taking into consideration that the bed is guaranteed for twenty years, it shouldn’t really be a matter of so much concern. Having known the plus and minus features of different styles of bed helps you to come to the right decision.