Spring Air Mattress Review - You Asked For It

There were many people talking about Spring Air so I wanted to satisfy the need that is apparently present. In case you are interested in this brand, take some time to read this short post. I hope the comments will provide you with much more information, like they did with the recent reviews.

Like we all know, sleeping comfortably without getting disturbed is the best way to feel and act energetic in the morning. Good sleep is crucial for your well being as it rejuvenates and heals human body. The Spring Air mattress is one brand that offers one of the most desirable sleeping surfaces you can expect for enhanced sleeping experience.

The manufacturers of Spring Air mattress are saying that the design of their products and the materials used for making those is exclusive and thus superior to any other product available in the market. They claim to have incorporated an advances technology for their bed assembly that enhances body support and comfort.

The inventive Back Supporter line of the Spring Air mattress beds, true to its name goes a long way to provide relief for many back problems, and brings relief to aches and pains by appropriately supporting the lumbar region. This was accomplished by integrating revolutionary improvements in their foam and coil technology. This was possible by employing the latest technology for making coils and foam.

This innovative support for the back has indeed prompted many consumers to try this product and those having already tried it are being highly appreciative of the comfort it provides while sleeping on this mattress bed. It is too well known now that back pain is one big reason for sleep related problems and restlessness in bed. An appropriately designed mattress facilitates relaxation for its occupier, thus promoting better quality of sleep. Those already affected by this malady of back pain would find this design of great help and be able to sleep undisturbed.

The producers of The Spring Air mattresses also offer have another range or mattresses branded as The Four Season Collection. This range of mattresses is built to offer a non-irritating, cleaner and better breathable sleeping experience. While the inside of the bed assembly is filled with non-toxic cotton fibers, its coverings come with 100% natural cotton. These features facilitate closest to natural sleeping experience.

And when we talk about the insides of the mattress, take a look at this :D

This special range of mattresses is also made utilizing other natural materials, apart from cotton. These vary from silk, wool and down, depending on the model you decide to have. All these natural fibers are believed to offer enhanced breath-ability, making sleeping conditions more comfortable and healthier.

To customers’ advantage, this range of products comes with quite a few options. Incorporation of technological innovations in the product has facilitated the use of foam in the mattresses that are more environmentally friendly. They employ an innovative technology for producing variable pressure foam, often referred to as VPF. This technological process using the least of blowing agents releases minimum harmful toxins. That means while you get a product that is safer for your everyday use you have also contributed to keep the environments healthier.

Spring Air Mattress Company has brought around another innovation in its product by way of including Pocket Coil Technology wherein each coil of the bed assembly is individually encased independently.

The said technology makes each coil to function independently, thus isolating any disturbance that may be caused by your body movements in the bed and allows you to sleep undisturbed. Simply put it means that you are not disturbed by the tossing and turning of your mate in bed.


laurabeth1976 said...

I agree that these mattresses are great. A mattress is such an important purchase because it is the key to getting a good night's rest, and that is the only way to ensure you can function the next day. I recently bought a new Spring Air Mattress and I have never slept better. After shopping around, I found that Sleepy’s had an amazing site offering a wide variety of mattresses at great prices, as well as a great deal of information on everything they offer. While I may work with them, they have honestly helped me to find the right bed for me. In addition, they offer fast home delivery and set up, as well as offering a chance to exchange your mattress if you decide you aren’t happy with it. You should check them out.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the Spring Air 4 Seasons mattress from Conn's almost 3 years ago, and it cost about $650 for a queen size mattress and box spring set. I should have known that I would get what I paid for. The mattress was ok for one person to sleep on, though I did toss and turn quite a lot, and would wake up with lower back pain. I should mention that I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back.
Lately however, this mattress has become unbearable. I have since moved in with my boyfriend, and neither of us have slept well in the past year. He is 5'11" and 185 lbs, I am 5'5" and 145 lbs, and this bed sags miserably, and we're constantly rolling towards the middle. I've developed terrible restless leg syndrome, wake up with back pain and headaches, and neither of us sleep the whole night through. You will feel every single move your partner makes. I would not recommend a Spring Air mattress to anyone.

Anonymous said...

We have only had a negative experience with the King Size Euro top Four Season Back Supporter Mattress manufactured by Spring Air and purchased from Schewel’s Department Store in Roanoke, VA. We purchased this bed because our old mattress was 12 years old and the mattress cover was beginning to rip.
We purchased this mattress on October 20, 2011. It was delivered to our home on October 26. After waking up the very next day, we knew we had a lemon. Our first night’s sleep resulted in me not resting due to shoulder and neck pain. My husband’s back and shoulder were sore and he had a mild headache. On October 28, I went back to the store and spoke with the salesman and told him this bed was not working for us. I indicated to him that all four sides sagged and leaned in when we put our body weight on the bed. I also told him that our head was always lowered than the rest of our bodies. The middle of the bed was like a hump in the center. The bed simply felt as if there was no support around the sides at all. He told me to try the bed out a few more days…. Well after a few more sleepless and painful nights as well as sleeping on six pillows, our sleep was no better and we were always leaning on the side and edges.
On October 31, we were directed to the assistant store manager, who set up time for a store representative to do field measurements and testing of the mattress on Nov. 1. The representative simply said the bed was set up correctly and the height measured in tolerance. I kept telling him that was not the issue the issue is that the bed, when you apply pressure on the side or head of the bed leans and sags resulting in awkward head, neck and back positioning. He then called the local Spring Air Representative who was able to come by that same night. Spring Air basically did the exact test, would not lay on the edge of the bed to verify my complaint. He basically told me that all measurements were within guidelines and that they do not warranty comfort. Neither field representative would lie on the side of the bed; they would only lie in the center. Even though I said several times that the head and sides of the bed sags and leans.
After only 7 days of ownership, I am personally in so much pain... my legs, hips, lower back, neck and shoulder ache. I have purchased several; pillows to elevate my head, however even with all of the pillows the head still sags. The center of the bed sits high and looks like a mini mountain and when the bed is made up it looks lumpy and uneven because of the rows on the pillow top.
I sincerely hate this bed and only wish that I had read reviews and did a better job at evaluating this product. However, it is difficult to lay on an in-store bed but get a totally different bed that has poor workmanship and be told you must accept it “as is” even if you indicate the problem within 7 days of ownership. It simply seems like false advertisement because the bed I purchased feels or sleeps nothing like the store floor model. I even went back to the store and laid on the floor sample for 30 minutes. My bed is just not the same bed as the one in the store and neither Spring Air nor Shewels will even consider that possibility. They are only saying that the bed is an as is bed and they don’t warranty comfort I keep telling them it is poor workmanship, quality and manufacture that is directly impacting comfort! Spring Air's warranty leaves everything up to their sole discretion as to honoring an exchange or refund. Needless to say they are doing neither to help me!
The irony is that my sales person told me that I could return the bed if it didn't work out. Because I had not purchased a mattress in 12 years and didn't have any problems with my old purchase, I didn't think it would be an issue. . This bed is the worst and I would never ever recommend this product or the store that we purchased the product from in Roanoke, VA.

rahul said...

springair mattresses are one of the best one can get. i m using a king size from the last 4 years and it was an amazing sleeping experience like never before. i will recommend everyone to get springair and feel the difference. once you will use it, you will not go to any other brand. check it out!

mspringer said...

I have a Spring Air Pacifica. It should be floating in the Pacific. It is the most horrible experience ever with any mattress. It is a king size euro-top. This one began sagging immediately on both sides. I was told by the company that I must have purchased the wrong mattress for my needs because this mattress was supposed to settle "to the form of your body". There was and is a huge hump in the middle of this mattress. It is so heavy no one can change the sheets but me. I can only lift at the corners. That is rediculous! My husband had leukemia and was very ill. That is the reason we got a new mattress at all. Then we were stuck with this monster. My husband has since died. It was only a year old when he said that the first thing we were going to do when he was released from the hospital is get a new mattress. Unfortunately he died a month later. What really upsets me is that he was not comfortable in his own bed for the last year of his life. This company is uncooperative, unwilling to accommodate their customers, and should be put out of business. They stink!

Anonymous said...

I also have had a great sleeping experience for the first four years. Unfortunately, at the five year mark, it is as though the bottom fell out. Within just a few months, it went from slight structural breakdown on the edge, to complete collapse of the body print area. And within a month my wife's side did the same.
I paid $1720.00 for the mattress alone.
But there may be some relief in the form of a warranty claim. According to the website, all I need to do is fill out the warranty form that came with the mattress, send it in for their review, and they will respond within a week. Then the only cost to me is to get the mattress to their factory either by personal delivery or shipping. No problem for me because there is a Spring Air factory about 30 miles away. except when I click the link to find MY service factory, only one is listed and that is in Chelsea, Maine. For me, I'm guessing that is about 1720 miles away. There just is no further shipping location and still be in the Country. How much would it cost to ship a 200 pound king-size mattress across the country? I'm betting Spring Air don't get too many warranty claims outside of New England.

Anonymous said...

I've owned a Spring Air mattress and they are total junk. IF you get two years of good sleep out of one, consider yourself lucky. They form body impressions very quickly. So I did some research before I bought my next mattress and I found a mattress retailer in Roanoke that makes their own latex mattreses. Latex is the very best for the money, hands down! This company has a fantastic website You need to check this out and what this company is doing before you buy any mattress.

Anonymous said...

We bought our Spring Air Back Supporter Perfect Balance BRIGHTON King (with box) almost 2 years ago (in December). My side and wife's side has severe indentations with high mound in middle. We had representative measure and said within tolerance. It was our fault for had to rotate which we do every 3 -4 weeks. We are looking at new mattress and box. This is junk.