Donate A Mattress, Don't Throw It Away

Instead of sending your old mattress to the local landfill, you could perhaps consider donating it to one of the many agencies accepting such donations. It may reach a needy person and save the environments too! That would really prove the old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

If the mattress is free from any stains and in a reasonably good shape, many organizations would be willing to accept that as a donation. Some of them may even arrange to have it picked up from your place. Certain charities don’t accept mattresses without foundation. So, you would better check up on that with the agency beforehand. Some dealers offer to pick up your old mattress if you order a new matter on them, but usually they just dispose that old piece of yours. Why not try donating it rather? Making donations help people sleep better!

Agencies to consider for mattress donation:

* Catholic Charities
* Furniture Banks across America partnered with National Furniture Bank Association
* Local homeless or battered women's shelters
* National Furniture Bank Association
* Vietnam Veterans’ of America
* The Hope Clinic in Fairfax, VA supports local uninsured families medically, spiritually and emotionally. Families seeking their help have little or no money and most lack necessities of life. So, if you happen to be in Washington DC or its surrounding areas, you should definitely consider this organization and offer donation by way of mattress or any other way you feel fit
* DonationTown.Org
Better known organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Salvation Army do not accept mattresses because of hygienic issues and sanitary bedding laws. Yet, certain Salvation Army stores are known to have accepted mattresses provided these are free on any stains or spots. It would be recommendable to call the location and get the required information before hand.

Here are some more ideas worth considering: Posting on or local Craigslist website, but be sure to convey that you don’t intend selling it and are offering it free if it could be picked up. It’s also good to point out if the mattress has any stains or structural flaws and explore the possibility if you could provide photo of the mattress. Perhaps, you can post it on your Facebook page and a local friend in need may pick it up. You may even consider posting flyers at neighborhood schools.

Save Your Existing Mattress? Try a Topper Pad

Before you really decide to condemn your present mattress as you don’t find it comfortable anymore, there are a few possibilities you could try to enhance its comfort level. One possibility that generally works with latex and memory foam mattresses too is to have a mattress topper. In case the mattress is even and firm and free of hammock or dips, having a topper for the mattress can certainly help extending the life of your mattress by quite a few years. It adds to the comfort level of your existing mattress and improves your sleep. These toppers are generally available in varying thicknesses of two to three inches, though you do get them one and four inch thickness too. You need to choose one as per your weight. For instance, a heavier person, weighing say 190 lbs, should opt to have one of three inch thickness. If you weigh lower than that it would be appropriate to have two inch thickness. So, you should try this possibility before parting with your mattress as a donation.

Mattress Sagging? Try This

At times you may notice that the mattress is beginning to sag. It could possibly be due its foundation. Under such circumstances having a board of plywood or just pressboard of ¼ or ½ inch thickness on top of your present foundation can reduce sagging. These boards are available at Home Depot or Lowes and they cut it to your required size. It’s better to have them cut short by at least an inch in length and width to avoid having protrusions. If this arrangement fails to work, you may consider buying a new foundation for an extended life of your mattress. Foam mattresses like latex and memory foam require an even regular bottom foundation.


Cosyplay said...

I agree. Old mattresses can still be fixed and used by other people who can't afford to buy one.

John Talalay said...

I hadn't thought about donating an old mattress. I was stuck thinking that most places wouldn't want one because of the fear of bed bugs and such.

discount mattress pittsburgh said...

i agree with it, if the needy can still use it better donate it..Sleep can help people who are suffering from anxiety and traumatic stress disorders, so choose a better mattress.. we all need to have a better sleep so we need a mattress that makes us comfortable when we sleep and won't give us backaches..