Waterbed Frames Types And Features

What list of the coolest-things-to-own is complete without a waterbed? It is the absolute symbol of luxury and ultimate comfort. While they were originally developed as a medical remedy to reduce poor circulation and sores in bedridden patients, even today some people use it to relieve pain and to benefit from restful and peaceful sleep. This luxury product is definitely a great investment when it comes to your health and comfort.
Waterbeds come in two types:

Hardside Waterbeds

In this type of mattress, there is a frame or wooden platform that serves to support the water-filled mattress. As the mattress of the hard side waterbed is basically a water-filled bladder it does not really have any structure to it. This is why it requires a frame. 
 Hardside Waterbeds

Softside Waterbeds

On the other hand, the mattress of a soft side waterbed is secured with foam to make it sturdy and then further covered with vinyl. It has the appearance of a regular mattress and is produced in a variety of different sizes. So you can use regular sized bed linens with it.
You can find various types of water mattresses available on the market differentiated by the motion or the waves in the mattress:
  • Waveless/Motion-free Waterbeds: A combination of fiber and foam are used to create this type of mattress to reduce the motion of the water. As they are almost motionless they are an excellent option for customers who want the luxurious benefits of a waterbed, without the continuous motion and waves.
  • Semi-Waveless Water Mattress - Some customers prefer not to have the sensation that one experiences in full-motion water mattresses, this is why some of the waterbeds are made using foam or resin to decrease the waves. You will still have the sensation of the waves but it will be decreased considerably in comparison to the waves in traditional water mattresses.
  • Free-Flow Waterbeds: This type is the original variety of water mattress, and features freely flowing water in the bladder or vinyl. The wooden frame plays a significant role in retaining the proper shape of the waterbed. The water in the mattress continues to move freely for a few seconds even after you have settled on top of it. Once you have settled down and are resting you will have the sensation of floating. 
 Softside Waterbeds

Waterbed frames and their features

Waterbed mattresses are much heavier than the conventional foam ones, requiring heavy metal bed frames with proper center support. For a soft side mattress, you need a sturdy metal frame along with a headboard and footboard, while a hard side waterbed consists of the bladder fit inside a wooden frame.
When comparing waterbed mattresses to the regular foam variety, waterbed mattresses are found to be so much heavier. As they are heavy and need support, they require specially designed waterbed frames. These bed frames are made of metal and have a strong center support. Sturdy metal waterbed frames are used for soft side mattresses. These frames feature a headboard and a footboard. Whereas a hard side waterbed comes equipped with a bladder that is fitted snugly inside a wooden waterbed frame.
Hardside waterbeds are a type that can only be used along with waveless bladders or with free flow bladders. On the contrary, the frame of a soft side waterbed can be put to use for a regular mattress or even an air mattress. The frames of the soft side mattress enable you to adjust the dimensions and so they can also be used when it comes to King and Queen Size as well as California King Size beds. For Super Single mattresses you would require a smaller frame.
soft side mattresses

Top waterbed frames for soft side mattresses

One of the most important accessories for a soft side waterbed is a good quality frame. This is necessary as a sturdy frame is required to support the weight of the heavy waterbed mattress.
  • California King or Queen 9 Leg Metal Softside Waterbed Frame: This frame is a 1.5” steel construction and comes with 9 leg center support. It has a locking keyhole design that allows it to make it the perfect option for all sleep systems, including Memory-Cell, Air, Latex and Innersprings and Mid & Deep Fill Softside Waterbeds. This frame comes along with a bolt-on headboard.
  • Double / Full or Twin- 7 Leg Metal Softside Waterbed Frame: This 7 leg glide away waterbed frame is quite easy to assemble. It is ideal for any regular box spring full-size mattress. This frame is sturdy and is built for long lasting use.
  • Eastern King or Queen - 9 Leg Metal Softside Waterbed Frame: This type of waterbed frame is a quite heavy duty. It is created with a design, that can hold the weight of not only waterbeds but also all standard king size foundations or box springs. It is ideal for either soft side waterbeds or any Latex, Air, Foam, and spring mattress box set.


What Sealy Posturepedic Has To Offer?

Sealy is a well known brand and is in a mattress business longer then most other manufacturers. There are numerous Sealy reviews online and most of them are giving good ratings to their products. General opinion of the customer is that they have quality, but a bit overpriced. Let us see where Sealy Posturepedic belongs in this review.

Lets clear one thing first, Posturepedic is a line of products, not a specific model. The main feature of this line is that every bed within it has a Comfort System: advanced inner springs, Comfort materials, IniCased Edge and orthopedical support. I know that this doesn't sound to clear, but it is important to know that these are all new techniques and new approaches in mattress manufacturing.

The thing is, there are many companies who claim to have the best springs in the market. But the truth is, most of them are buying springs from the same supplier. Now it is clear that the springs don't have anything with the quality, since everybody is using the same thing. It is the technique they are using while manufacturing them. And this is where good companies get ahead. They place more coils in the middle of the mattress and in the shoulder area. This is what Posturepedic has, and that is what makes him a good bed.

UniCased Edge means extra coils at the edge of the bed, which is a better support, since you won't push the mattress sideways anymore. This is a regular thing in high quality mattresses. It seems unnecessary to mention it, but at the other hand it should be mentioned. This is how you separate good from the bad. And it is also the way to say your product has a value to the customer. 

A Small Sealy Posturepedic Secret

One interesting thing with Sealy Posturepedic is that the company says you need to buy a box spring. They claim it will act as a shock absorber so you will get more comfort during sleep. I'll say it straight to you - do not fall for this. This is a marketing ploy to get your money into their pockets. You do not need any box springs, ever. You can put the mattress on bare floor and sleep perfectly well. Just do some research, you will see that there isn't any country in the world that is using them, except US. Be smart, do not buy box spring. It doesn't give you any more support and comfort.

When it comes to models Posturepedic line offers, there are 3 basic models. One is Posturepedic, other is Body Series and third is Reserve Collection. Body Series is a bit more luxurious version, while Reserve Collection has a memory foam topper.

These mattresses have quality, that is not something to argue about. But at what level? It is not easy to say, since it depends on your preferences. But when compared to other big brands, these are just as good as any of them. The negative side is that they are a bit expensive, but that is what you get for durability and guarantee. I personally feel it is worth to invest in them, since you know what you are getting here.

Just browse online and find some personal experiences from the people who used them. You will see some positive reviews. And be careful with some of them, there will be people who will trash the company because they themselves bought a wrong mattress for their needs. They want firm, but buy soft, then it's the company who is responsible. Read through several different Sealy Posturepedic reviews to get the real truth about these mattresses.


Best Pillow Top & Termpurpedic Mattresses

In the matter of resting soundly and settling on decisions of your bedding, it is critical to pick one that will give the perfect measure of bolster and solace so you can rest soundly. Trust me when I tell you that the significant snag in the middle of you and a decent night's sleep is the nature of your sleeping pad. So, what is the best mattress for the money - pillow top or termpurpedic?

Before obtaining the right sleeping cushion for your needs, it is important to complete some exploration into the different sorts as this will help you in settling on the right decision of bedding. Two normal sorts are the pillow-top and the tempurpedic which is ordinarily alluded to as the memory foam. We will be considering them as far as their thickness, cost, temperature, types, temperature affectability and the level of solace they give.


Pillow-top mattresses have an additional layer over the surface that makes the extravagant, pillow-sort impact and are for the most part thicker than memory foam mattresses. Notwithstanding, some pillow-top mattresses are not as fantastic and may be comparative in thickness to memory foam. Memory foam mattresses then again have a tendency to be denser and thus the client is upheld by the heaviness of the material instead of via air and springs.


As a rule, memory foam mattresses are more extravagant than pillow-top mattresses. Notwithstanding, they will need to be supplanted less every now and again than a pillow-top sleeping cushion. Along these lines, while you may be paying more forthright, it can really spare you cash over the long haul. At the point when picking the right bedding for your needs, this starting venture and your financial plan ought to be a thought to guarantee that you don't give up quality for quantity.


Every kind of bedding has its own varieties. Let me point out that pillow-top bedding comes in different levels of thickness. Pillow-top mattresses have stitched spreads which are now made with cotton or engineered mixes. Like pillow-top styles, memory foam mattresses are likewise made with manufactured materials and it then gets to be important to know which one will meet your need.

Temperature Affectability

Memory foam mattresses are temperature-delicate. So keeping in mind the end goal to work effectively and be shaped to the solace of the owner, warmer temperatures are needed. The cooler the room the bed is set in, the firmer and thicker it is. This needs to do with the flexibility in the material. Pillow-top mattresses are not temperature-sensitive; they simply work the same route paying little heed to the environmental changes.


At the point when buying a sleeping cushion, it is genuinely a matter of inclination. For the individuals who admire a delicate bed, pillow-top mattresses can be a perfect fit. Memory foam is not exactly firm once it is broken, yet it is not as delicate as a pillow-top. As opposed to being delicate, it holds fast to your shape, in this way serving to take a portion of the anxiety off your body created by thinking about an unsupportive sleeping pad. Note however that Memory foam mattresses take some time to eventually get into the desired shape and fit your structure, so the level of solace may not be completely achieved for a few weeks. The pillow-top mattresses then again have a tendency to be delicate once they are broken or damaged.