Tempurpedic Mattress Toper – The Best Solution?

In case a memory foam mattress is a bit expensive for you, you can find the same comfort it offers by buying a topper. This decision will keep the money in the wallet and your sleep will still be comfortable. And if you want to have the best comfort for your buck, then a Tempurpedic mattress topper is a product you want to have.

In case you are still thinking about lowering the price and getting a foam topper, you could buy it from some other manufacturer. But that simply won’t be the same thing, because best ones come from this company. If you are serious about getting a new product that will endure through time and serve you well, then a Tempurpedic memory foam mattress topper should be your choice. Let us see some of the reasons that lie behind this statement.

First of all, the biggest revolution in this industry is memory foam. A material that responds to our body temperature and pressure is quite amazing. The way it molds itself around our bodies is the reason why we get such a comfortable sleep. It’s like being cradled like a baby. And this is exactly why this is such a valuable thing. You simply have to pay for it. You can get a memory foam topper that is cheaper then Tempurpedic you say? Sure you can. But will it be as good? Or any good at all?

The things is, other manufacturers are making their mattress toppers that are patented and once they expire, they will be out there for others to use. But Tempurpedic is a proprietary formula. It’s like a secret that nobody knows about. Which means, the value it has tops all others. We all know that the best things are often in scarcity. This is exactly the case with a Tempurpedic topper.

The advantage of these products lies in the consistency of their visco elastic foam. Those inter-linked cells that are allowing air to move through them are much better then other manufacturers make them. To explain a bit further, the cells that allow air to come through are all connected to each other and have the same size. Whereas the other manufacturers have foam cells that are not connected and actually only compress the air. Then the cells are under pressure, until we are no longer on the bed. But it can happen that they burst, which leads to sagging. And because Tempurpedic had cells that are connected, they will simply push that air to the other area, that is not under a pressure.

Another disadvantage of foam other manufacturers make is that their cells are not of the same size. This means that the support will not be so perfect and that the durability of product will not be so long. Like I said, the air pressure that builds up will firstly smash those smaller cells, thus destroying the composure of the entire memory foam mattress topper. I think you understand this, because it is a simple physics and has a lot of sense.

In case you really are struggling with the budget, be sure to have at least 3 inch of thickness. Anything less than that will not give you enough support. It is a good choice, but we are talking about a comfortable sleep here. The density of the foam has to be at least 5lbs. Lower then that and your comfort goes out the window. Plus, that kind of product will not last you long. And when we are talking longevity, check for the warranty of the topper you are interested in. Anything from two years and above is a decent warranty.

One more thing I want to say about a Tempurpedic mattress topper. You can quickly come to conclusion that it is the best one in the industry, even if you knew nothing about all of this. How? Simply read through several mattress reviews and ratings and you will see it. Sure, there are cheap mentioned here and discount there. But all of them are comparing themselves to one and only topper. And you know which one I’m talking about.

Investigating Memory Foam Mattress Pads For You

Mattress pads are removable type of bedding that we use to improve the comfort of the bed. Their purpose is to protect the mattress and in the same time act as a cushion for our bodies. This is why we often call them mattress protectors, although they are best known as pads.

Besides offering comfort, they are also protecting us from the allergens and irritants that can be found in the air and on our bedding. As you can see, the main goal of pads is to protect our health. We get much needed support for our back and joints, while the level of hygiene is increased too. It is also important to say that patients with Fibromyalgia benefit from the use of the mattress pads.

Memory foam is a gel like polyurethane material that can hold the impression of the body on its surface. It was developed by NASA to help the astronauts bear the high G-forces. After this, the medical community tried to develop it into something bigger. At first, it was used to help immobile bed bound patients because of the soft surface and the reduction of pressure points it provided.

The secret is in the memory foam itself, it reacts to temperature and gets soft if there is any heat present. This is how it has the possibility to conform to the body shape and create a comfortable sleeping surface. It was a great way to help the patients who were bound to their beds.

Several years after that, memory foam mattress pads were introduced to the market. The prices were pretty steep then and only the richest could afford to buy them. But different bedding companies realized the potential that lies in memory foam and started with manufacturing their own versions. This is how more and more products from foam were made: pillows, pads, toppers and mattresses. And now we have a possibility to buy one of these ourselves, because the prices are way down then they were before.

Now you can find extremely comfortable memory foam mattress pad in king, queen, double and twin size. Your bed will give you more comfort due to the additional layer of cushioning. Of course, you can choose how thick the pad should be. You can get a thin pad that has only 1 inch or you can get a 4 inch pad that will provide you that extra softness you need. When you lie on your bed, you will feel how the memory foam adheres to your body and shapes to it perfectly.

I have to say that there are two important features that many people forget about here. When we sleep, we need to be warm and we need to have comfortable surface. Those two factors are responsible for our good sleep and relaxation. Just try to remember how do you feel after sleeping in a warm room and how do you feel after sleeping in a cold room. There’s a difference, right? Well, the memory foam mattress pad provides both warmth and soft surface. You will wake up fully energized and ready for all the daily tasks. This is why so many people decide to buy a new foam mattress pad and put it over their beds. They get the comfort but for a low price. It’s hard to beat something lik that.

Some other benefits should also be stated here. With a pad, you will be protected against dust mites, insects and contaminants. We can’t wash our mattress all the time, since that is would take a lot time to dry and we could never clean it to full extent. But if we put a pad over it, we can wash the pad and get rid of all those nasty bugs and potential mold and yeast. Pad will dry faster and we can clean it entirely. Also, if we get a waterproof bedding, we protected our bed 100%.

You should be aware that this material is quite expensive. Especially if you buy a TempurPedic. Cheap mattress pad is not easy to find, unless you decide to go for Isotonic foam mattress pad. They are slightly weaker version than what Tempurpedic has to offer. And a egg crate foam mattress pad could be a good choice too. You can also find solutions from Sealy, Simmons, Serta and other manufacturers. You will be able to find them under $100. But when it comes to high quality products, it is hard to find them under $200 and under $300. This is because TempurPedic was the first company to introduce memory foam and their technology is the best. And if you want to buy a thicker one, you will have to pay more. But at the end, the are still cheaper then the full mattress set.

Whatever you decide to buy, make sure it has the right thickness, density and the price. Check for several different furniture stores and compare the prices. It should not be hard to find one of these at discount so you can save some money. When you read through some mattress reviews and ratings, you will know what could be best for you. I just want to say that you should stay away from memory foam and lousy brand combination. They will sell you a bad products, since that is not their main selling item. Avoid Kingsdown, Englander, Miralux and similar companies when it comes to foam. They are good with innerspring beds, and you should find different brand if you are going to buy anything else.


How To Buy Latex Foam Mattresses, Toppers And Pads

In case you are planning to purchase a latex foam mattress, you will find this article on latex foam helpful. Its crucial that you become aware of some important considerations while looking for a suitable mattress.

What is a latex foam mattress?

Latex foam is derived from the sap of rubber trees. The process is quite similar to that of beating egg whites to mix air therein. Likewise, the collected sap is whipped enabling rubber to absorb air, thus producing foam. The foam is then shifted to molds and heated to cure and harden it to get it in durable shape.

What are the benefits of these foam mattresses?

Latex mattresses last long for up to thirty years and more. They resist mildew, mold and bacteria. Unlike the spring mattresses they don’t develop a “dip” in the middle. Such mattresses provide relief from backache by distributing the weight evenly all over the mattress surface. As its core has holes, it provides more comfort by easing the pressure on pressure points in the region of shoulders, hips, and heels. Latex mattresses are available in thickness of six inches and can be modified for improved comfort by addition of extra layers.

Depending on individual’s comfort level, one can opt to have soft, firm or extra firm mattress by choosing the desired type. If you chose to have an extra firm variety but like to have the medium variety, you could add a mattress topper with cover to make it suitable as per your requirements.

What are the drawbacks?

Latex mattresses are rather hard and difficult to shift around. If you are used to handling a futon mattress you would know what it means! Though the foam is cleaned and washed a number of times at the point of manufacture, the new matters still continues to emit an odor, which of course goes off after a couple of days. People sensitive to latex should avoid using such mattresses.

Why is density and why is it important in choosing a mattress?

The density of mattress plays an important role to the level of its comfort and durability. The more the density, the more is the life of the mattress. A density of three to six is considered good for mattresses, whereas for topers the figure goes down to three. Normal spring mattresses have a layer of foam of one and a half inch thickness, which is very thin and wears off soon on getting compressed frequently on top of the spring assembly.

Why should you purchase a latex foam mattress over a conventional spring mattress?

After continued and prolonged use, the springs of a spring mattress get compressed and develop ‘dips’ in the mattresses, thus causing pain and stiffness in the back. Moreover, spring mattresses need to be flipped from time to time, so that it wears off equally from either side. Latex foam mattresses, on the other hand, need not be flipped and there are no springs that may cause any discomfort. These can be expected to last for at least thirty years, if not more before you need to replace them. Chiropractors, doctors and orthopedics recommend using latex mattresses, as they support the spine and maintain appropriate alignment.

How do you purchase one?

Visit Amazon or your favorite retail stores. Decide the size, density and type you like to have. You may buy from one of them or check out some additional sites by making a Google search on “latex foam mattresses”. Whenever you order online, the mattress is delivered right at your door.


These products provide utmost comfort and are very durable. When compared to spring mattresses they are cheaper and you need not buy any box spring for these. Manufacturers strongly suggest using a hard surface beneath the mattress. For more information on these products including their prices and sizes you can check with any of the resources listed here and may choose to order a perfect be for you.