Jamison Mattress Facts And A Bit More

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All right, lets start with today's mattress review - Jamison.

A good part of your life at home is spent on the bed wherein your body gets relaxed and prepares for the next working day. A bed is what a mattress makes it, right? And this is how a mattress becomes a crucial part of the bed and you should be concerned of its quality and the money you spend on buying one. Jamison mattresses are of very good quality and if you are considering buying one, here are a few things you should know about it.

Jamison has been I the business of making mattresses since 1883 and has earned the reputation of being a manufacturer of the finest mattresses. It has a retailers network of more than 400 dealers in the south east of the United States. They have long term contracts with hotels like the Intercontinental Hotels and Choice Hotels. They have offering mattresses to Marriot for the last forty years. Recently Marriot announced the launch of a totally redesigned bed and Jamison grabbed the contract, beating a number of competitors from around the world.

Apart from being a favorite of the hotels that consider Jamison to be the best, there are individuals too who consider it the best buy. There are many consumer mattress reviews to support the quality of these mattresses. The reasons for its quality being so good are not far to seek. As is always the case, the quality of a product is determined by the materials and the technology that goes into making it. Jamison uses the best available materials and employs innovative technology to produce a range of quality mattresses to suit the requirements of a wider section of society.

Innersprings form an important component of any mattress and have been used by most of the manufacturers since long. Jamison improved the design and manufactured coils made from tempered steel fine wire LFK open-ended double offset coil. A lot of engineering has gone into the making of Jamison Smart Coils, which are placed together in an alternating right-turn and left-turn construction. When pressure is exerted on bed these coils work in tandem, thereby reducing disturbance to the partner in bed. Their Jamison Balance, Equalizer, and Vita-Pedic mattresses use such coils in their construction.

Innersprings are connected together whereas pocket springs are individually housed in their independent fabric pockets. By doing so, you are making the springs to operate independent of each other. As a result, when one of the partners turns around in bed, the motion under his part of the bed is not transmitted to the other partner who continues to sleep undisturbed. Jamison has created a perfect symphony of the pocket coil system and the finest quality of fibers and cashmere to create one of the finest mattresses of the world. Crest Collection from Jamison has this top-end pocket spring mattress.

How Jamison continues to keep pace with the latest innovations in mattress design?

Over the last few years we have seen the advent of memory foam mattresses. These mattresses have proven to be of a great help to all those with chronic back ache problem. Some people feel fully recovered from this trouble and a lot many have reported improvements. A memory foam mattress is designed to respond to the weight and temperature of the occupier and adjusts itself to his or her contours. Visco-elastic foam eases pressure points and typically supports the spine to the relief of many users.

Not the one who would keep lagging behind, Jamison started producing its own edition of memory foam mattresses. As a matter of fact they manufacture three categories of the same, namely: Talalay latex, Visco memory foam and Omalon foam and all the three are used in their range of Jamison Resort Foam. Jamison maintains that you need not change sides of a latex mattress. The special Jamison Comfort Support System allows the buyer to choose the desired comfort level most suited to one’s needs. Nevertheless, it would be worthwhile to add here that latex isn’t as lasting as the visco-elastic material used in producing a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

A memory foam mattress is not a favorite of the many a consumer who miss the spring action and the accompanied softness of a traditional inner coil mattress. Unless you prefer a traditionally made mattress, Jamison mattresses could be the one for you; Jamison mattresses score high in many consumers' reviews.

The only limitation, if it may be so called, of a Jamison mattress is its price. These mattresses don’t come cheap. That keeps them away from the reach of many users. But, then which quality product ever comes cheap? It’s not for nothing that Jamison enjoys the reputation of a quality product that provides long life and desired level of comfort.

But, considering that you spend a good part of your time at home on a bed, it is a worthwhile investment to have a durable well crafted comfortable mattress to rejuvenate your body through a good night’s rest and thus prepare yourself for the coming day.