Bassett Mattress Review

Quality of materials used for its manufacturing coupled with its innovative design is what distinguishes Bassett mattresses from the rest. For more than a century the product has been known to provide high quality sleep products that are durable and available at affordable prices too. A Bassett is almost a household name, as most American homes have this mattress these days.

Of the many factors that a consumer considers while buying mattress, durability is among the most desired one. That’s one way to ensure value for money. Basset is a trusted name. It has earned wide recognition due its ability to anticipate and provide what the customers are looking for in a quality mattress and bedding accessories.

About Bassett

Bassett mattresses enjoy a wide patronage in American households. The manufacturers sell thru more than 130 stores in that country and in Puerto Rico and Canada too. But mattresses are but one product offered by this company for it also produces well crafted furniture that will suit any kind of interior designs of homes. Their range of products includes upholstery, home dining and entertainment furniture among others.

For mattresses, Bassett has just introduced its two new products: Bassett Bedding and Dream Maker collection. As always, the main feature of these products continues to be innovative designs with the intentions of providing the best support and comfort to the users.

Bassett Bedding

The range of mattresses falling in this collection has a number of features designed to provide the expected level of comfort for a good night’s sleep. The mattresses covered in this collection are provided with flame-guars protection along with Dura-Tech foundation that ensures its long life.

DreamMaker Collection

The Dream Maker line of Bassett mattresses is designed to respect the relaxed sleeping requirements of the consumers of the present century. Considering the hectic lifestyle of present generation, it’s but natural for it to expect a bed that allows them to have quality sleep and rejuvenate body.  The outstanding features of this line of mattresses include:            motion control systems, a sure-flex box spring and an encased edge for a more durable and comfortable fit. The design considerations of a Basset mattress in this range ensure its conforming to body contours to provide utmost comfort and support.

Consumer Reviews

Many consumers realize a Bassett mattress to be a good option mainly due its durability and affordability. For queen-sized bed the price varies from $900 to $1800. The entry level mattress lasts for long. Most of the mattresses are offered a ten year warranty, an assurance of quality. A Bassett would undoubtedly qualify for a score of 5, both in terms of price and quality.

The Verdict

Bassett mattress could certainly be the best option for middle class households looking for better value for their money. It may not be categorized among the luxurious variety of mattresses, but it surely provides the basic comforts one looks forward to in quality mattress.


Anonymous said...

Our Bassett mattress is 13 months old, has a very high ridge in the middle of the mattress, and the upper half of both sides of the mattress are completely sunken in.

Anonymous said...

Our Bassett is the worst ever. It's sad when you pay a lot of money and its 2 years old and has sunk in the middle so bad you feel like your rolling down a hill.
They will not do anything until it sinks 1 1/2 inches and its just over 1. However when you sleep you roll towards the middle like being on the bottom of a hill.
Will never buy one again