Waterbed Frames Types And Features

What list of the coolest-things-to-own is complete without a waterbed? It is the absolute symbol of luxury and ultimate comfort. While they were originally developed as a medical remedy to reduce poor circulation and sores in bedridden patients, even today some people use it to relieve pain and to benefit from restful and peaceful sleep. This luxury product is definitely a great investment when it comes to your health and comfort.
Waterbeds come in two types:

Hardside Waterbeds

In this type of mattress, there is a frame or wooden platform that serves to support the water-filled mattress. As the mattress of the hard side waterbed is basically a water-filled bladder it does not really have any structure to it. This is why it requires a frame. 
 Hardside Waterbeds

Softside Waterbeds

On the other hand, the mattress of a soft side waterbed is secured with foam to make it sturdy and then further covered with vinyl. It has the appearance of a regular mattress and is produced in a variety of different sizes. So you can use regular sized bed linens with it.
You can find various types of water mattresses available on the market differentiated by the motion or the waves in the mattress:
  • Waveless/Motion-free Waterbeds: A combination of fiber and foam are used to create this type of mattress to reduce the motion of the water. As they are almost motionless they are an excellent option for customers who want the luxurious benefits of a waterbed, without the continuous motion and waves.
  • Semi-Waveless Water Mattress - Some customers prefer not to have the sensation that one experiences in full-motion water mattresses, this is why some of the waterbeds are made using foam or resin to decrease the waves. You will still have the sensation of the waves but it will be decreased considerably in comparison to the waves in traditional water mattresses.
  • Free-Flow Waterbeds: This type is the original variety of water mattress, and features freely flowing water in the bladder or vinyl. The wooden frame plays a significant role in retaining the proper shape of the waterbed. The water in the mattress continues to move freely for a few seconds even after you have settled on top of it. Once you have settled down and are resting you will have the sensation of floating. 
 Softside Waterbeds

Waterbed frames and their features

Waterbed mattresses are much heavier than the conventional foam ones, requiring heavy metal bed frames with proper center support. For a soft side mattress, you need a sturdy metal frame along with a headboard and footboard, while a hard side waterbed consists of the bladder fit inside a wooden frame.
When comparing waterbed mattresses to the regular foam variety, waterbed mattresses are found to be so much heavier. As they are heavy and need support, they require specially designed waterbed frames. These bed frames are made of metal and have a strong center support. Sturdy metal waterbed frames are used for soft side mattresses. These frames feature a headboard and a footboard. Whereas a hard side waterbed comes equipped with a bladder that is fitted snugly inside a wooden waterbed frame.
Hardside waterbeds are a type that can only be used along with waveless bladders or with free flow bladders. On the contrary, the frame of a soft side waterbed can be put to use for a regular mattress or even an air mattress. The frames of the soft side mattress enable you to adjust the dimensions and so they can also be used when it comes to King and Queen Size as well as California King Size beds. For Super Single mattresses you would require a smaller frame.
soft side mattresses

Top waterbed frames for soft side mattresses

One of the most important accessories for a soft side waterbed is a good quality frame. This is necessary as a sturdy frame is required to support the weight of the heavy waterbed mattress.
  • California King or Queen 9 Leg Metal Softside Waterbed Frame: This frame is a 1.5” steel construction and comes with 9 leg center support. It has a locking keyhole design that allows it to make it the perfect option for all sleep systems, including Memory-Cell, Air, Latex and Innersprings and Mid & Deep Fill Softside Waterbeds. This frame comes along with a bolt-on headboard.
  • Double / Full or Twin- 7 Leg Metal Softside Waterbed Frame: This 7 leg glide away waterbed frame is quite easy to assemble. It is ideal for any regular box spring full-size mattress. This frame is sturdy and is built for long lasting use.
  • Eastern King or Queen - 9 Leg Metal Softside Waterbed Frame: This type of waterbed frame is a quite heavy duty. It is created with a design, that can hold the weight of not only waterbeds but also all standard king size foundations or box springs. It is ideal for either soft side waterbeds or any Latex, Air, Foam, and spring mattress box set.