Removing Urine From A Mattress - Here's How

If you have babies or pets at home, you would often have troubles with urine stains on your mattress. Almost any mother would have known how frequent bed wetting can be with a child in growing years at home. Mothers are often left wondering how despite their baby, using a diaper or plastic sheet or an oil cloth, manages to spoil the mattress with urine! Leaving aside the stains, the mother needs to find ways of getting rid of the overpowering smell of urine.

It’s not all that difficult to remove urine from the crib mattress as you could easily clean that at any convenient place and just leave it in the sun for some time for getting it dried.  But how do you deal when the child happens to pee in a king-sized mattress which you may not be able to even move on your own!  But that doesn’t mean that the mattress is spoiled forever and you won’t be able to use it in future.  Here are some simple ways to help you getting rid of urine stains on your bed mattress.

Blotting up Urine - First you need to soak up traces of urine with help of absorbent towels. Next, keep a towel on the wet mattress and push it down so that it absorbs maximum urine. Finally, rid the bed of all covers and wash them thoroughly using detergent and warm water.

Spraying White Vinegar - The most effective way of ridding your mattress of urine stains is use of white vinegar.  Prepare a solution of one part of distilled white vinegar and two parts of lukewarm water in a spray bottle.  Shake the solution well before spraying it on the affected part of the mattress. Absorb the fluid with help of a paper towel and spray the solution once again. Repeat these two simple steps a couple of times till you get rid of stains and disgusting odor from the mattress.  For fresh stains, you may use good laundry detergent on the spoiled area, followed by scrubbing with a wash cloth and water before using vinegar solution.

Using a Carpet Cleaner - You may even use upholstery or carpet cleaner for the purpose of removing urine stains from your mattress.  Carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of cleaning product prior to its use. Generally, one is required to apply a definite amount of cleaner and allow it to remain on the affected part for a specified amount of time.  Finally, use warm water and towel to scrub the cleaner.

Cleaning with Baking Soda or Borax:

Some of the items available in your kitchen can also be employed for the purpose of getting rid of that obnoxious smell from your mattress.  For example, you may just pour a cup of borax or baking powder on the stained part of your mattress and cover the same with plastic sheet. Let it be there overnight and the following morning remove that plastic sheet and vacuum your mattress and the stain and smell will be gone!