Get A Mattress Topper Or $100 For Your Mattress Review!

Hi everyone. We hope you're handling the autumn well and getting ready for those cold winter days. No? Still not ready for the cold nights and for getting into uncomfortably chilly sheets to get some sleep?

Well, we decided to help you with that. And we think a heated mattress pad or a mattress topper would help you fall asleep faster and have a relaxing sleep throughout the winter. If you think about it, it's hard to find someone who would say NO to that.

In case you are interested, here are the details. All you need to do is write a review of your mattress and send that review to us by December 24th. It doesn't matter what kind of mattress it is or whether it is a topper or heated mattress pad. It can be a mattress that is two or five years old or it can be the one you bought last week. As long as it's something you sleep on, it is perfect for your review.

You are free to write a positive or a negative review, make it dramatic or completely hilarious. Write it the way you want it, (the way you feel is appropriate). We believe this is the best way to show someone how good or bad your mattress really is. And the purpose of the review is the following: to help a person that is going to read it. We want all blog readers to benefit - you, who write the review, and YOU, who will be reading it in order to learn something and get some good shopping info.

The mattress review that strikes us the most will get a mattress topper of your choice of up to $100. Second best contestant will get $50 and the third will get $25.

We know that some of you don't need a mattress topper, and if this is the case, you can get the $100 prize through PayPal. The same stands for the 2nd and 3rd prize.

Now, we're gonna give you a few guidelines to help you write your mattress review. It'll help you see what sorts of things would be welcome and what info would be useful for the mattress-buyers-to-be.

- Name of the brand and model

- Where did you buy it? Were you happy with the service?

- How much did it cost?

- Did you have any other models in mind when you were shopping for that mattress?

- What made you go for this specific model?

- Are you satisfied with your purchase?

- What are your personal feelings about the mattress?

- Anything else that comes to your mind.

You're also free to send a photo of either your mattress or yourself, but it's not necessary to win the contest. Now, we realize there will be a few of you who'll be smart enough to get the both in a photo. That's perfectly fine.

That's it, ladies and gentlemen. If you have any questions regarding the contest, write a comment here and we'll get back to you. Send your reviews to this email address: contact at

Until next time,
Mattress Reviews Team


Anonymous said...

I have purchased my 'king size' kingsdown mattress 5 years ago. What a nightmare. I got someone out within the first 4 months, and he talked me out of something being wrong with the bed which I just spent $7000 for bed and base. The bed sags on both sides and creates a lump/hill in the center if the bed. You can't flip the bed over, just rotate. My son's single bed is much more comfortable than this bed. Next time I will spend 1/4 price for something 10 times better. The bed I tried in the store is very different than the one I have. DISAPPOINTING.

Anonymous said...

We purchased a King Mattress set at Sleep Tight in Quincy,IL over a year ago. After 9 months the bed had sagged over 6 in where I sleep causing my back pain. The store changed it out with a different brand sorry same results in 3 months these are horrible quility mattress I purchased a King pillow top from a discount house in St. Louis for half the money and still holding up after 2 years. All I can say is be careful make sure you get the mattress you look at. Maybe cash and carry is best at least you know what your carryingout.

Anonymous said...

I bought my King's Down mattress about 6 years ago. Big mistake. I sleep alone, in the middle, and the center of the bed has a huge "nest". I've flipped the mattress all different ways, but nothing works. The bed is not wearing evenly. The pressure on my back and hips is unrelenting. I ended up placing folded blankets under the fitted sheet to make up the difference in the middle of the bed. This bed is crap, but I paid so much for it, I'm making due with my folded blankets in the middle. Save your money, folks, and stay clear of king's down.

Anonymous said...

When I married my husband 2 years ago he had a Beautyrest that I thought slept very well. We rearranged our bedroom and a few months later I could barley walk in the mornings due to ostioarthritis in my hip and spine. Went to Dr. had hip replacement long story short worse pain after surgery! Bought new Serta Hamilton slept great 1st few months the started noticing saging in middle, experiencing bad hip and back pain again! I went to 3 different surgeons to look at my hip replacement all said looked great! Now we realized it was the bed not the mattress! When we moved the bed it broke some slats and siderails and my husband repaired. It sits very high and when he repaired he did not replace center supports and I know this is the reason how? One night I was in so much pain I went upstairs to guest room and slept on old matress,new bed and had the best nights sleep since before we moved bed. Now I fear I agreed to hip replacement when I should have got a new bed replacement! People check your BEDS it may be the problem not mattress. We have replaced our bed and new mattress we had bought now sleeps great but I lost a hip that I may could have kept or saved for awhile I was 50 yrs old when replaced.

Anonymous said...

My Kingsdown was purchased less than 5 years ago and it is a lemon. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking that I am sleeping on top of the tv remote control or another plastic item. It sags in spite of my rotating the mattress as I was instructed to do. My friend bought one 6 years ago and she is on her third replacement. It is an expensive mattress and I strongly discourage anyone from purchasing a Kingsdown.

Marieanne said...

I have been looking at a King Koil Aspen 1800 pocket sprung 5 foot memory foam mattress for the last few weeks. I had just about decided when I started to read all the negative comments which makes me doubt spending about €1600. I see from them that many comments come from the USA. I am in Southern Ireland, so don't know if this makes a difference to the type of mattress that is sold here. King Koil mattresses are very expensive over here, and take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

arunk said...

Sad to read experiences of spending huge money on King mattresses and getting disappointed after just few months. I personally suggest not to spend more than $400 to $600 on any King size mattress...

Anonymous said...

This is the 2nd Vera Wang Pillow Top mattress I have had in the past 3 years. We purchased the 1st one and about 10 months later we complained about the pillow top sagging and they pro-rated and replaced the mattress with a like mattress....same thing happened this year. I called the company and I would have to pay for the man to come out and check it out and I would get another like mattress. NO THANKS>

Anonymous said...

I purchased a Serta Vera Wang three years ago. Paid money for the promises being made. It has been sagging in the middle for over 6 months and has become extremely uncomfortable. I sleep alone and weigh less than 140lbs. After reading everyone elses posts I will cut my losses and start looking for a new bed. But I will be sure to get the word out about SETRA!!!! I will be sure that eventually they will have lost $1300.00 in sales that they cost me! Even if I have to stand in front of their store saying "It is the worst bed I have ever owned."

unhappy customer said...

I purchased a Kingsdown, Sheffield box springs and mattress in 2006 with a ten year warrantee. The mattress lasted about 3 years before we started having problems with it. It began to sag and a large lump developed in the middle of the bed. It has gotten much worse and now we are having health issues from it. When I approached the Kingsdown Comapny about the issue and the fact it was under warrantee they sent a older man to my house with a disposable camera to take pictures of the mattress and then he took out a piece of string and a small measuring stick and then he left without telling me anything. The next thing I knew I received a letter in the mail telling me they would not honor the warrantee because "the sides of the mattress were bent". When I called them and told them that the sides were not bent and that the issues were in the middle and where the sleep impression was they just brushed me off and said they would send me a kit and to send it back to them. That was four months ago and still nothing has been done about this bed. I paid close to a thousand dollars for the set and I can barely walk when I get up in the morning. I am 63 years old and do not mistreat the bed just sleep on it. I am VERY dissatisfied with both the customer service and the fact that they did not honor the warrantee as stated.

Anonymous said...

We purchased a kingsdown for $5400 from snooze using the 'sleep to live 'computer system...snooze uses this and claims it takes the guesswork out of selecting a mattress.THE MATTRESS THEY TOLD US THAT WOULD FULFIL OUR NEEDS WAS AN AMERICAN BRAND CALLED KINGSDOWN.Its terrible.the first one had a foul smell and the second one has a hump a slant and still smells.We both have back/arm/neck pain and have not had one decent nights sleep in the time we slept on it.Snooze said we would get used to it and we tried for two we sleep on our kids beds .We want a refund but snooze dispute the warranty and kings down will not even answer our emails.Truly a bad choice in retailer and manufacturer.

Anonymous said...

Purchased our "king size" Kingsdown mattress 1 year ago. It is already sagging over a inch. It sleeps like you are in a ditch. They will not replace it thru their warranty. In Kingsdown's working on my letter from them "We are looking for the structural elements and because we do not warrant comfort, it is not a part of the criteria used when reviewing claims. So they do not care that their product is not comfortable. Only that you pay several thousands of dollars for the mattress. Will never purchase another of their products.

Anonymous said...

We purchased a Miralux Mattress last May. The mattress itself is fine, but the boxspring is absolutely terrible!! It squeaks like crazy everytime you move. The top of it seems to have cardboard as the cover. We are not happy about this and went to Sleepy's yesterday. Was told to call customer service which will be done today. The rep at the store said it has a 15 yr warranty for the boxspring. I sure hope they replace this with no problem.

Connie Smith said...

We purchased a King size Restonic Barbados Latex mattress March 2012. Cost was over $2,000. Shortly after purchase we started having issues with hump in middle of mattress and sinking feeling on the sides each sleep on. You can not move in a comfortable position because you just roll back to the same spot. Have had back and shoulder discomfort from sleeping on mattress but could not afford to change due to the amount paid for mattress. Contacted our local dealer and was told that they could not do anything concerning this issue. Was given a packet to fill out but was told by dealer unless special specifications were meet nothing could be done. I asked if a representative from Restonic could be notified to come and look at our mattress and we were told that representatives did not do that. It is now 2015 same issues and no help from our local dealer or any one else. There is a 20 yr warranty just need help in getting something done to correct this. I feel for sure that Restonic does not want to receive negative comments but I did not expect to purchase such a poor product. Please respond to csmith would be great to actually hear from your representatives.